Destiny Iron Banner 3.0 release time for December 16

We are just hours away from the highly anticipated return of Destiny’s Iron Banner. Lord Saladin will be returning to the Crucible soon and we now have a heads-up for you with regards to the Destiny Iron Banner release time for December 16.

We have been keeping you up to date with events in the game regarding the Dark Below bounty quests, but now it is time to switch our attention back to the Iron Banner.

Bungie already confirmed that the Iron Banner 3.0 event date would be on December 16. However, the developer has still not posted the crucial Iron Banner start time yet on their blog, which they have been known to do in the past as a heads-up to the community.


What we do have for you though is a good heads-up for you in the meantime. We found this from Bungie back in July, when community manager Deej specifically revealed the release times for the Iron Banner back in July when the game was in beta.

Back then, Bungie opened their Crucible doors at three different times of the day. The opening time was 10am Pacific Time to 12pm, then once again after a two hour interval at 2pm to 4pm.

Finally, there was a three hour break and final admission at 7pm to 9pm. These times are for Pacific Time remember, so just add 3 hours to them on Eastern Time so you have a start time of 1pm Eastern Time or 6pm UK time.

Given that these were beta times and the Iron Banner took place on a Friday back in July, we obviously can’t say for sure if these will also be the confirmed Iron Banner start times for Tuesday December 16.

It’s a heads-up though and hopefully Bungie will reveal the information on their blog and also the official Iron Banner section of their website in the hours to come.

Are you looking forward to doing battle once again? Let us know what you hope to see from Lord Saladin this time around.



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