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Facebook Messenger down, cannot load conversations

It looks like Facebook Messenger is down today in the US and UK. We have been receiving complaints specifically from many users who are telling us that their Facebook Messenger cannot load conversations, a problem which is still ongoing at the moment.

We have just checked the service ourselves, although we are seeing a Facebook Messenger service temporarily unavailable error instead. We’ve also been told that aside from the Facebook Messenger loading problems, some of you are getting a constant message which reads ‘There was a problem connecting to Messenger’.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any status update from Facebook regarding this problem, which could suggest that it’s a minor issue which isn’t affecting all Facebook Messenger users worldwide at the moment.


We can definitely see though that Facebook Messenger is down on December 14, as you can see from the example screenshot that we’ve included showing some complaints from Twitter today.

Hopefully Facebook are fixing this as we speak, as we know how popular Facebook Messenger is today as an alternative to Whatsapp. As we wait for an update from Facebook on this, let us know your status with the app at the moment.

Have you been having Facebook Messenger connection problems today at any stage, in your area?



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