Advanced Warfare PS4 crashing with exceeded limit error

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 14, 2014

The PS4 version of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare keeps crashing in online multiplayer games with an error message stating, “exceeded limit of 3680 xmodel assets”. This problem has been reported within tweets, directly to Product Reviews, and we have confirmed the error in PS4 testing.

In fact, proof can be seen within the screenshot below with the exact exceeded limit of 3680 ‘xmodel’ assets error. We saw this error message appear on a number of occasions, but it only ever happened after matchmaking had finished and when just starting an online game.


Have you had this exceeded limit error within COD Advanced Warfare on PS4, Xbox One, or any other similar error? Leave a comment with any codes, errors, and when they take place below.

We have also seen a glitch within the Exo Survival mode that would take place after playing the game for many rounds, which of course can get very frustrating if you survived for over an hour and then Advanced Warfare crashes.

There’s been thousands of reports in regard to PS3 freezing and update 1.05 should fix this issue, so if it doesn’t and you experience freezing on any platform, then we’d love to hear about it. You can also leave requests for the 1.06 Xbox 360 and PS3 patch below.

Sledgehammer Games is yet to comment on the above error and it’s not clear if the Advanced Warfare 1.08 update will be needed, or a hot fix can be performed. We’ll update our readers if we receive any official confirmation for a bug fix.

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  • Johnny Albritton

    Try to load in a second match and it is always unable to secure connection to host

  • Johnny Albritton

    I got code 4352 xmodel assets also I can get in a match after it has started but when the match is over and the next map is loading it says awaiting connection. If it does actually load out the lag is so bad I can’t move

  • Jessica

    Every time I play and drift is the chosen map I am kicked with the exceeds limits 4352 ‘xmoxel’ assets. It happens when I play by myself online multi player AND when I’m playing with someone else on my ps4 online multi player. This is extremely annoying ESP if I like playing with the previous group and since I paid for this map pack and actually like drift…this needs fixed..

    • Jessica

      Oh and … It started happening on split screen but now won’t even let me play drift when I’m playing alone on multi player..

  • Brandy Jenkins

    I just got the message from the PS4 drift map on offline local play. It says exceeded limit of 4352 xmodel assests. I have played this map many times before and never had this happen but now I have to restart the whole system because the game locks up after the message comes up. Now I am wondering if I spent money for a map that will not run.

  • Tiffany Brown

    Everytime I play online and it puts me on the drift map it starts loading and kicks me out and says exceeded limit of 4352 on my ps4 I can’t even play the map and I just bought it! It’s never done it before!

  • Frank NIDDY

    My ps4 keeps erroring the same way on skyline advanced warfare

  • Kenny Clawson

    PS4 – Playing Hardpoint in Local Play (2 players) – Map is Drift – Error Exceeded limit 4352 X Model Assets. Get this error every time 2 players try to play local play on the Drift map – all the other maps work fine with local play and 2 players.

    • Norman Velasquez

      Have you gotten a solution for the problem? I have the same problem on the map drift.

      • Kenny Clawson

        No solution.

  • Jennifer Ceniseros

    PS4 exceeded limit of 4352 ‘xmodel’ assets – playing online multiplayer

  • Austin Sparks

    Ps4 exceeded limit of 4352 xmodel assets

  • Randi

    Ps4 exceeded limit of 3680 xmodel assets playing COD advanced warfare in local play multiplayer!!!!

  • StephandMannie Caraballo

    Everytime we play it say it on split screen or it just freezes during game like wtf if we have to pay fpr multiplayer itd be nice to have a couple days free we have been haven probs too during xmas if im paying i want all days missed reinburst not likes is gonna break the company

  • NoName

    Only in Riot whit splitscreen

  • Joseph Nolte

    Exceeded limit of 3680 ‘xmodel’ assets??

  • muddy

    Happens to me only when playing riot and only with splitscreen; PS 4.

  • Taipan

    Happens to me only when playing riot and only with splitscreen. With riot happens about 90% of the time.

    • Taipan

      This is with ps4

  • nordic__knights

    getting this all day now and with clan wars going on its not to cool needs fixed fast get to it PSN or AW this makes playing the game not worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NORDIC–KNIGHTS PS4 callers tag

  • Kambyr

    Keep getting kicked with this error code during any match with two players. So annoying. Also got kicked durning a game with some memory 27 message and then during games it just freezes. Happened like six times tonight so far…. Kambyr

    • Kambyr

      System is PS4

  • Amanda Phelim

    I can’t play with my Hunny if we share the system and join he’s bro and play I think it’s Bs

  • ric

    I just had the same problem

  • Lauren Krier

    I’m getting the same message from the picture in the forum, every time we try to play 2 player free for al, map doesn’t matter. PS4

  • Alexandra

    i have this problem too

  • gabriel

    Im a victim too

  • Chris

    Also getting this message when split screening on MP, happens every three to 4 games

  • josh

    Multi player map riot it pops up please fix asap
    Psn gamer tag jbigz23

  • LSCheval

    This happens every time when we are playing Hardcore Domination on split screen only when entering the map Riot.

  • Josh

    Ive had the error. Im playing splitscreen online and it happens all the time when the game is sfarting

  • Michelle

    I’ve had this error code on ps4 and have only been playing online for an hour. We’ve had it multiple times in split screen playing team death match. Only happens right when the match starts and then kicks you out and error come up.

  • Sylvie

    We got this error when we have been playing for only 30 minutes. Seems like the PS4 is having a lot of issues. Kinda regretting getting this console!!!

  • Zach

    I only have 2-3 hours of online play, but ever since this morning and late last night my game has frozen 7 or 8 times on either the match summary screen, the create a class, or the armory menu in multiplayer. I have the DLC version, not the disc, and it’s really starting to become frustrating when it happens 4 matches in a row…

  • Austin

    I get this error when playing splitscreen, mostly when I try to do Riot map

  • jas yvonne

    Only have this error when the match is about to start on riot (ps4)

  • Tammy

    i have had this error and out of memory 26 when doing multiplayer split screened on ps4

  • cam

    I have that error pretty much every time I join a game, it is so annoying can never get a lobby

  • Pat

    I had code 4706 asset for Xbox 360

  • KatDaddy_7

    I had the error

  • k

    I have ad that error code

  • orace93

    When the ps3 update will come its been a while and yet its the only platform who doesbt have the 1.05 live