The Order 1886 15 minute PS4 gameplay leak

We were treated to some brand new The Order 1886 gameplay at Sony’s PlayStation Experience recently, but now we have an extra treat for you. 15 minutes of unreleased The Order 1886 ‘B Roll’ footage has been uploaded online and now you can watch it in its entirety as long as you are quick.

This PS4 exclusive is looking like an amazing game, with Sony currently scheduling the Order 1886 PS4 release date for February 20, 2015 – so far there has been no delays to this schedule which is great to see.

Now, you can get another look at the game as long as this video remains online. AllGamesBeta are the ones who are hosting it, giving you a 15 minute preview of the game in full 1080p HD quality.


The graphics are looking absolutely beautiful and we’re not sure we understand some of the few comments we’ve spotted on Twitter regarding an The Order 1886 ‘downgrade’.

We don’t see it and we’re sure most of you will agree that this footage below looks incredible – it contains actual gameplay elements as well.

Given that it’s B Roll footage, it jumps in and out of scene unedited but most of you won’t mind that. Watch it while you can and let us know your thoughts on this game.

Are you thinking about picking up The Order 1886 as a day one purchase in February? Xbox One owners, do you wish you could play this game?



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