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Review of Nikon D5500 rumored specs so far

With CES 2015 in a matter of weeks we suspect to hear a lot more rumors in regard to new laptops, tablets, cameras and other such consumer electronics. We can tell you the rumors have already started, and so we thought we would have a review of what has been teased about the Nikon D5500 DSLR camera specs so far.

One thing we will say before we have a look is that you have to take this with a grain of salt, although Nikon Rumors does have a good track record. What we know so far is that the upcoming D5500 will come with an APS-C sensor, and more importantly an LCD touchscreen, although its size is unknown. Before you complain that touchscreen could prove an issue taking photos in cold conditions, there are still manual controls to fall back on.

Nikon D5500 rumored specs

Nikon Rumors is adamant these key specs are the real deal, and that we will get to see them on show on the new D5500 in January. What they do find strange is why the D5400 has been passed over, although we are sure all will become clear during its unveil.

That is all we can really tell you for now about this model, and while it isn’t much, we hope it is enough to keep you going through Christmas, as it is something to get excited about.

Nikon is also expected to announce another new model, the D7200, although not certain if this will be at CES or the CP+ show in February 2015.



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