Latest Acura RLX recall fast-tracked by checking your model

By Peter Chubb - Dec 13, 2014

Acura has issued a new recall and not for an airbag problem, but rather one to do with its headlights. There is concern that the 2014 and 2015 RLX has an issue with its headlights due to a faulty reflective backing material inside the unit.

The company said there is a chance that this backing could delaminate, if this were to happen than it would not obey the Federal Safety Guidelines, as the lights would no longer work in the manner they are meant to, which could become dangerous when driving at night or poor lighting conditions.

Latest Acura RLX recall fast-tracked

Thankfully, there has been no accidents or injuries, but nevertheless, Acura is still obliged to issue the recall. You now have two choices available to you, both of which will determine how fast you want your repair to take.

You could wait it out until February, which is when Acura will start to send out letters notifying affected owners. If you do not wish to wait, then you could do the work yourself and head to or call (800) 382-2238 and select option 4 to see if it is your model being recalled.

There are said to be around 9,700 models affected and all faulty headlights will be replaced free of charge.

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