Steam Winter Sale 2014 start time and date excitement

It looks like we could have some juicy information now for PC gamers, in the form of the Steam Winter Sale 2014 start time and date. Paypal managed to leak Valve’s Fall sale date and now it looks like they have once again spilled the beans on the upcoming Steam Christmas sale.

Instead of Paypal US leaking the details though, this time it seems that Paypal Japan is directly responsible. Valve has not officially announced the information yet, but Paypal Japan is sending out emails suggesting that the Steam Winter Sale start date is December 18.

You can see confirmation of this on Reddit, with one user who has already received the email in question showing an screenshot of it.


Furthermore, we’ve done some digging on this and it looks like the Steam Winter Sale 2014 start time will specifically commence at 6PM GMT. If true, this translates to 1PM Eastern Time and 10AM Pacific Time for everyone in the US.

This information seems legit to us since it coincides with the end of the ongoing Steam Holiday Auction event. As it happens though, this is the information until Valve says otherwise.

The Steam Winter Sale 2014 end time should be on January 2, so let us know what you are hoping to buy as we wait for Valve to announce the Steam Winter Sale games list for 2014!



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