PS4 Friends online notification for next update promising

We have some great PS4 news to bring you now. It has taken over a year to arrive but finally, it looks like PS4 Friends online notifications is confirmed for the system and it may arrive with the new PS4 2.04 firmware update.

Given that this is such a simple feature, or so we thought, it is surprising to think that it has taken over a year for Sony to put it on the PS4.

Especially when you consider that it has been a standard feature on the PS3 since the beginning of time. Never late than never though and it looks like Sony has inserted a naughty little teaser in one of their latest promo videos.


Pause the video below at the 10 second mark and you will clearly see a PS4 online friends notification appearing in the top right corner, just as it does on PS3.

Let’s make this clear that Sony has not officially confirmed this feature yet so hopefully it’s an indication that it’s coming with the next PS4 update.

The next PS4 firmware update is going to be version 2.04, but we wonder if Sony will actually save this feature until PS4 2.05? We’ll have to wait and see in that regard.

Either way, it’s great to see that the feature is finished and ready to go live. Let us know your thoughts on this and the fact that it’s taken over a year to arrive.



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