Easy Destiny Gather their Dust quest feels like exploit

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2014

We are playing through The Dark Below at the moment and can offer you some tips on how to complete Destiny’s Gather Their Dust quest easily after obtaining the Urn of Sacrifice from Xur and starting the mission from Eris Morn.

We are not sure what Bungie is trying to do here, but it almost feels like this is a Destiny Gather their Dust exploit in a way. Regardless of that, you can complete the first stage of the Urn of Sacrifice quest in just a few minutes.

Firstly, you’ll want to make your way down to the Temple of Crota. Then you’ll need to remember the key criteria of solar damage, so you may want to equip that lovely new Legendary Murmur that most of you should have already acquired.


Then, open the temple doors and you will see the Cursed Thralls coming at you like there’s no tomorrow. Simply line them up and continue to blast away at them – preferably in a line.

Now, DO NOT pick up the quest item, Destiny’s Embers of the Lesser which will drop from each Thrall you take down. We say this as actually the items will still be there if you die and so you can essentially cheat your way to victory.

Have one of the last few enemies kill you, easier on Heroic difficulty, then proceed to start the quest again. You’ll notice that the Embers of the Lesser are still there on the floor, so you can kill a few more Cursed Thralls and then collect 25 of them for the quest completed.

This literally only took us a few minutes to do – was this Bungie’s intention of have they messed up? We say this as the quest description clearly states “Death will reset your progress”.

Try this out for yourself if you have just received the Urn of Sacrifice from Xur and let us know how you get on. Are you surprised that you can finish this mission so quickly?

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  • the guy

    shut up

    • ng is a tool

      this is hardly an article and who-ever wrote it is an idiot.

  • shuzzASAP

    Yeah but all you get for completing it is a little bit of rep and one.. ONE special ammo synthesis. Whoopty friggin doo!

  • BOBtheEphemeral – ps3

    just tried to do the quest in the first challenge of the new Raid
    and unfortunately it seems these specific thralls wont drop any of the quest items
    (either that or it didn’t like me using Perun’s Fire instead of Murmur)

  • Ryan Ennis

    Dark Beyond. Not Dark Below

  • guest

    the mission is called “The Dark Beyond”

  • Guest

    which mission should I start to do this? Just doing patrols is not going to trigger the thralls I think?