Destiny Xur’s Ruin Wings Seeds of Ruin upgrade review

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2014

We knew that Destiny Xur’s items this week would be different to previous weeks, as it is the first Xur appearance that is combined with the Dark Below DLC expansion. The first big surprise is the Destiny Ruin Wings Exotic Titan Gauntlets, a sexy looking pair of Gauntlets that are sold by Xur for 13 Strange Coins.

We can confirm that the Ruin Wings are a level 20 piece of Exotic gear and it comes with three upgrade tiers. The first Ruin Wings upgrade is the Special Weapon Loader which increases the reload speed of all special weapons.

Then, there’s the Impact Induction upgrade for the Ruin Wings which can reduce grenade cooldown when causing damage with a melee. However, the most exciting aspect of this brand new Xur item is the unique Ruin Wings upgrade with the Seeds of Ruin.


This costs 250 Glimmer but will give you the ability to receive Heavy ammo drops more often and when they do drop, you’ll get extra ammo per drop – amazing.

In our opinion, this is a must buy for 13 Strange Coins as you could do a lot worse for more coins. We also heard the cries for more armor which offered extra ammo and Bungie has answered your prayers it seems with the Ruin Wings and Seeds of Ruin upgrade.

As soon as you have the opportunity to upgrade each tier, do it as you won’t regret it. We are just trying this out ourselves and will report back with the results, since the Ruin Wings has only just gone live in game.

Did you buy it straight away as well? We’d love your feedback on this new pair of gauntlets so give us your impressions below. Best new gauntlets in the game at the moment?

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    So mad!!! I earned them via nightfall and they finally made me feel original, unique, and special… People were genuinely interested in them. The next day everyone and their damn grandma has em… Worse part is that the only difference between the ones I EARNED vs the one he’s practically giving away is that mine have -6 strength. Same light, same defense, but -6 strength………..FML bungie…

    • Phil

      “Earned”? You fluked them thanks to RNGsus, you haven’t earned anything. Stop whinging…

      • Shadowreeper1337

        Pretty much it’s RNG I bought em but almost no one has em im being honest so far I’ve only seen two people I guess people just prefer the armamentarium upgrade or no backup plans but to be honest I could see why people would consider these gauntets not worth it seeds of ruin upgrade kinda meh for some for me it’s epic lol