Destiny Xur’s new items for week 14 confirmed

We can bring you some breaking news now for Destiny players, as we have the verified Destiny Xur location for December 12. The Agent of the Nine is back in town and now we also know Destiny Xur’s new items for week 14, confirmed.

This week has some added spice to it, as Xur’s new location today will coincide with The Dark Below DLC and of course, the new vendor Eris Morn who offers a completely different set of wares to buy.

Without further ado, we can bring you the key information that you’re after. For those asking where is Xur in Destiny on December 12, he is next to vanguard quartermaster. You can see confirmation of this by checking out our image below which shows Xur’s spawn today.


More importantly, Xur is selling new items on Friday December 12 and they include the Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher and the Voidfang Vestments Armor. As we told you earlier this week, Xur is now also selling the Urn of Sacrifice, which is needed to complete some of the Dark Below DLC quests.

Last week, Bungie angered a lot of players by including the Plan C in Xur’s inventory for two weeks in a row – even if it wasn’t directly their fault. Thankfully it’s great to see the Truth in there now and it should give some of you an interesting debate on whether you want to drop those Strange Coins on it.

Having said that, some of you with the Dark Below may argue that you don’t need Xur’s new items today since Eris Morn is offering some fantastic choices – Legendary Murmur and the Necrochasm as two examples.

Let us know what you think about the items offered and whether you are happy. How many Strange Coins do you have left and have you got enough for the new Exotic? We’ve also added a video below showing Xur’s location on December 12 and his new items available.



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