Yahoo Mail not working in UK on Dec 11

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 11, 2014

It looks like Yahoo Mail is not working in the UK once again, although with the popular email service going down today it couldn’t come at a worst time for many in this region of Europe. Product Reviews has received reports direct from our readers in regard to this particular outage, and with some saying they are fed up with constant problems.

Yahoo Mail stopped working on December 11th in the last hour, although we only received status updates in the last 15 minutes from our readers, as well as Down Today. It’s clear this is a larger outage than normal, as seen by tweets supporting the fact that Yahoo Mail has gone down for thousands.


Update: Yahoo Care on Twitter has confirmed the problems, as you can see with the tweet below. This supports the reports we received along with status website Down Today.

If you have issues collecting email from Yahoo Mail, is this in the UK or another country today? One of our readers emailed this comment, “Please fix the problems Yahoo, Mail going down seems like a daily occurrence and this is now a matter of urgency. I’m waiting on some critical emails, which I need to receive and send as well”. Another added, “I have a couple of Yahoo email accounts and both are not working, very unhappy”.

This story is developing and we have reached out to Yahoo Mail support for details on why the latest outage has taken place. Any updates will be published on this page.

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  • Andy shaw

    Issues after issues they say it’s sorted it’s not pull your fingers out its been 2 weeks without this service and am getting cheesed off as have got sent my wedding photos on yahoo and they need to be checked but can’t as I cannot get in to my email address am so fed up how much longer do I put up with this crap (yahoo)

  • Yippee

    Very unhappy been without yahoo mail for 3 weeks anymore days & I’ll look to seek another email address p**s poor

  • Guest

    Can’t login with facebook either

  • Jason

    I’m from London in the UK and am completely unable to access my email and have been having problems for 2 weeks. It is completely unacceptable that it has gone on for so long. I understand there are problems but email are a very importantway for people to communicate and yahoo mail’s highest priority should be making sure users can access it’s service. They make a lot of money by showing adverts alongside our emails and should treat us with more respect.

  • Opal

    Not working in Texas either. This happens at least once per week, but typically not for this long. You can do it, Marissa.

  • Ben Cobley

    Yep, been down for most of the day, but this is now seemingly almost a daily occurrence at various times. Can sometimes manage to get in to mail by the back door, but is completely inadequate. They seem to be more interested in serving up adverts and celebrity news than providing the service.

  • Mario

    It’s still down for my in London, UK. This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems in the lats week, I am on an Android device.

  • Nigel

    Cannot get into emails, again Yahoo this is a joke.

  • Tony

    yahoo mail down in Glasgow area waiting on an urgent email come on guys get it sorted