New Clash of Clans 6.407 update for Kindle Fire

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2014

As we told you earlier, a brand new Clash of Clans update for Android is now available, with Supercell going live with the Clash of Clans Winter update for 2014. Kindle Fire owners are feeling left out though, as we have spotted a big demand for a Clash of Clans update 6.407 for Kindle Fire.

The latest Clash of Clans update has added some big changes to the game, notably an upgrade for the Giants to Level 7, a brand new Archer Tower with double speed arrows and much more.

The Clash of Clans Layout Editor is also brand new and allows players to save multiple layouts for the game, including for both home villages and war bases which is fantastic.


Naturally, Kindle Fire owners are going to want to join in on the fun as well, so the hunt is now on for the Clash of Clans 6.407 Kindle Fire download after Android users have just received this update.

Unfortunately, it looks like you may face a wait for the file, as it’s unavailable at the moment. If you are playing Clash of Clans on Amazon’s tablet, let us know if you want to play the latest version.

What level are your Giants at the moment and do you have 7 million Elixir spare to upgrade them to level 7?

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  • Emily

    Hi, on clash of clans, I have been playing it normally like I do…and then I click the app and it comes up with:
    And when you click: Update it sends you to the Amazon Appstore, where you can’t update it. Please Atleast add an X to the Update box so if we can’t do it then we don’t have to. If not, MAKE THE UPDATE AVAILABLE!

  • deg

    Would like to get my Coc up and running again…..have a kindle hd and it won’t update or let me play 🙁

  • Pinkdolphins0400

    It looks like they’ve removed it from the apps completely. Used to be for any device but it’s not there at all anymore. Never was available on my Kindle anyway (I really wanted to play it because it seemed cool, and I kept on having the adverts to prove).

  • hititfromtheback

    This is hands down the best game ever it’s a pity it’s also the most mismanaged ,wanna play spool bad but getting fed up with the disrespect they are showing us kindle users as if we r second rate scrum or something

  • hititfromtheback

    Meanwhile my village is being crushed repeatedly I’m sure all my loot is gone by now are the gonna compensate our losses bet not

  • hititfromtheback

    This is bs playing for over a year loyally even spending money like they want you too no I’m screwed why is there no update absolutely ridiculous get it together super cell 700 million last year what you can’t afford to put out the update

  • joetony

    Was a half day away from crystal walls, just got through making Healers level 2 and having first level dragons. Now my base is stuck off in La La Land unable do anything to my base. I am unable to transfer to my Kindle Fire from my dead tablet that I bought my Kindle in replacement of.

  • Eric Rivera

    Please make clash of clans available for the app store or redirect us to a site that can give us the update cause all of us commenters love to play clash and can’t do so unless we get the update

  • Tom

    Please, I am so sad I cannot play anymore. it keeps sending me off to no where for an update….

    • Mr Frank

      Got the update for my Kindle HD and I went from level34 to level 1 with no way to get my data back, emailed supercell for two days and no reply

      • Johana

        How did u get the update for your kindle????

  • Can I just play

    Do they even care about us kindle users? If this is what I have to look forward to every update then I won’t be investing any of my money into it.

  • Bummed in Corado

    Real bummer. Older version on kindle won’t open – forces link to update, which is a dead end. Please fix soon!

  • poohbah

    Need to play

  • squirt

    We need this come on just put it on the Amazon app store already idiots

  • yourdad

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! give us kindle update asap ffs this is bullcrap wtf!!!!!

    • Liam

      I think it works wonderful BUB

  • onfyer

    Yup, need the update please

  • Denise

    So frustrated that I can’t play because we can’t get the upgrade. My stuff is open for attack. Who is going to compensate our losses????

  • ejf

    Can not play without the update

  • Cora Height

    My son can’t play his clash of clans because he has a kindle fire and it won’t let him play without the update :/

  • hvasquez


  • Katy Sumners

    I’m playing on fire but don’t know how to get around the “update available” to keep playing the Halloween update till the winter is available

  • hunter

    Please give a kindle fire update

  • justin

    HOW DO YOU GET THE UPDATE FOR COC O KINDLE FIRE HDX it won’t let me play TIL I get the update

  • bill

    Is the download apk file avsilable for kindle hd fire !!!! It wont let me play till i download the update !!!

  • Gwyllgi

    Apk for my kindle fire so my kiddo can have the update, I personally think this game needs to be added to Amazon so we can save it!

  • prashant

    I want to update my game on kindle…please help

  • Chester wild

    Apk file for my kindle fire so I can play please!!!!

  • ryan

    Won’t let me play till the update, so is my stuff open for attack while I can’t get into the game

  • Tea.cup

    I have lvl 7 th and I love to play CoC on my kindle fire. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE UPDATE!!