Latest The Last Guardian PS4 news update

We know that Sony has been extremely quiet on The Last Guardian PS4 news lately, but this week we do have a snippet of fresh information to share which you may be interested in.

This beautiful game is still in development and Sony has still not yet confirmed that this PS3 game is now going to be developed as a PS4 exclusive.

We all know that it is going to happen though, Sony are probably just waiting for the next big trade event to make the announcement to the world. Sadly, this didn’t happen at the Game Awards or PlayStation Experience, but creator Fumito Ueda did share some interesting comments this week.


When speaking to Japanese publication Dengeki, Ueda was quoted as saying the following: “Talks with Sony Computer Entertainment on The Last Guardian have been ironed out, and we’re making progress under completely new conditions.”

While obviously not namedropping the PS4, the key words to pick out from that statement is ‘new conditions’. The speculation mongers out there are already treating this as confirmation that it is now a certainty that the game is coming out on the PS4.

After all, what value would it serve to announce a new Sony IP exclusive on old generation hardware in 2015? It would make no sense at all, so we’re just glad to hear that Fumito Ueda is still speaking about The Last Guardian in a positive light as it tells us that there’s no problems on the development side of things.

The last thing we wanted to hear was that the game had been cancelled, so hopefully that won’t be the case now. Just to remind you though, it’s going to be 7 years since the game was first announced – that’s bordering on Duke Nukem and Final Fantasy Versus XIII territory, surely?

Are you hopeful of seeing this game next year – would you still be willing to buy it?



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