Harwood Floor Lamps recall requires Ethan Allen return

It’s been a tough week for consumers because there has been an influx of product recalls, such as several auto ones, a laptop power cord, and now these Harwood Floor Lamps from the Ethan Allen Design Center.

The one positive thing from this new recall is the fact it only affects 70 units due to a defect in its power cord. The insulation on the cord is not up to standard and so there is a slight risk of an electrical shock, and so we ask that you unplug the lamp immediately.

Harwood Floor Lamps recall

There has been a report of an electric shock, although we don’t think there was any lasting damage. You don’t expect to have such an issue with a lamp like this; especially as its costs $530 and so you believe you are buying something with great build quality.

Ok, we do know these things happen from time to time, but knowing you have been using a lamp like this that could cause serious injury to yourself or your child, we can understand why some of you will be angry.

To see if you have one of the affected Harwood Floor Lamps look at the label on the base, if it has the item number 09-2562 along with the date code, 12/2013, then you should contact Ethan Allen Design Center on (888) 339-9398 right away.



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