FinestSquad claims responsibility for LizardSquad offline

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2014

Moments ago, we told you that the Twitter accounts for LizardSquad and LizardPatrol had been suspended as of December 11. Now, after doing some digging it looks like another group called ‘FinestSquad’ are directly claiming responsibility for taking LizardSquad offline.

As evidence of this, they have allegedly gathered personal information of all of the LizardSquad members responsible for the recent attacks.

They have also issued an ‘apology’ on behalf of LizardSquad if gamers were personally affected by the attacks from the ‘kids’ as they highlight on their website.


Above is a recent Tweet from the group saying that they are also working to keep LizardSquad’s IRC channel offline, for the good of PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers worldwide.

While we obviously can’t verify if they are directly responsible for bringing LizardSquad to justice, it’s obviously refreshing to enjoy the PSN and Xbox Live without further interruptions.

There had been some social media build-up on a potential LizardSquad Vs Anonymous battle that was apparently in the making, but this other ‘FinestSquad’ group appears to have taken matters into their own hands by claiming responsibility for the fact that LizardSquad has been caught.

Either way, we just hope it means that there will be no DDOS attacks in the build-up to Christmas. Have you been following the whole situation on Twitter?

Let us know thoughts on this and if you are thankful to FinestSquad if they have really managed to take down LizardSquad for good.

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  • rob

    i hope you lizard squad fags get killed on a fuckin car wreck you worthless pussies go and do the world a favor go kill your parents so they cant reproduce then kill yourselves

  • Andy Stephenson

    I hope the lizard squad get aids

  • “justice” lol if all they can do is file twitter reports then they’re worthless attention whores

    • Andy Stephenson

      And what did you do?

    • Donny

      They actually found name/info of members of the LizardSquad.

      If all you can do is comment without even looking at some information you’re one moron.

      • and i can personally verify a lot of that information is either

        a) copied and pasted from info someone else dropped
        b) false
        c) all of the above

        most of it falls under the last category

  • zippo

    Been following and I don’t think finest squad took them down there was multiple people posting about this before finest wrote there tweets on it if there’s no proof nobody will ever know just conspiracies.