Xur desires for December 12 to 14

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

With all of the excitement going on at the moment with Destiny’s Dark Below, some of you may have forgotten that it is almost time again to find out the new Destiny Xur location this week.

As usual, Destiny’s Xur location on December 12 will change and he will be hidden in a new area of the Tower after appearing in the Tower Hanger last week. Now, we wanted to discuss about Xur’s location this week in Destiny and the new items that Xur will have for sale.

The big talking point of course, was the fact that thanks to Bungie’s random generator, the Plan C exotic fusion rifle was offered up two weeks in a row – an issue that many of you were unhappy about.

Now imagine if Plan C turns up again, that would be pretty crazy if it did – but obviously we are hopeful that it won’t. We’re also hopeful that Xur will answer our prayers and that Xur’s new items this week will include rare wares such as the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher and the No Backup Plans Exotic Titan gauntlets – the latter of which were actually sold when Xur first appeared in the game.


We’re not going to even mention the IceBreaker in detail this time, as everytime we do it seems to jinx the fact that Xur never has it for sale – even though we know it’s the one sniper rifle that you all want!

This week is also going to be extra special, as Xur’s new inventory this week should include the Urn of Sacrifice – the rare item that is needed to complete some of the new Dark Below quests.

Back to the location though, where do you think Xur will turn up this week? As always, give us your thoughts on the upcoming sale and what you are personally hoping to see to add to your current setup in the game.

Tell us what gear you would love to see and would happily spend Strange Coins on, and what gear you would hate to see!

UPDATE: Xur has arrived! Find out his confirmed location here and what he is selling this week – it’s not the Plan C, woohoo!

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  • Incarnax

    He’ll be by the vanguard vendors with Starfire protocol, MK. 44 stand asides, Arachnid hunter helm and No land beyond

  • michael thurman

    New version of the gjallarhorn with a higher damage rate. And Some new exotic warlock and titan armor. And of course new exotic weapons.

  • Justin Voltaggio

    Suros Regime or Ice Breaker for me

  • Enayat Kapadia

    Yes please suros regime I have been wanting it so bad please oh please almighty due sell the suros regime

  • BaeSuzy

    Suros Regime & Sunbreaker. I start this game late.

  • John Stewart

    I would like to see an auto rifle with self generating ammo

  • sopro

    i wanna see the new warlock chest armor and dragons breath

    • Incarnax