COD Advanced Warfare AE4 Widowmaker release time today

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 11, 2014

There’s a new weapon coming to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare today, December 11, and it’s the AE4 Widowmaker assault rifle that PS4 owners will get hands-on with in their Havoc DLC pack next year. If you are an Xbox Season Pass holder, then you can get access to the AE4 Widowmaker and standard AE4 rifle from today.

We haven’t had exact confirmation of the COD Advanced Warfare AE4 assault rifle and its release time, but it’s 100 percent landing in the Xbox One and 360 game on Dec 11, 2014. There was a reminder to this fact on Twitter by Sledgehammer Games, which only came a few hours ago.

One Xbox Season Pass holder asked Sledgehammer, “when is the AE4 out? I’ve had the season pass since launch and I still don’t have this weapon”. The developer returned a tweet that said, “it releases tomorrow (12/11) for Xbox Season Pass holders”.


You can read more about the Havoc DLC pack and AE4 Widowmaker in this article. We checked our Xbox One system in the UK a few hours ago and didn’t see the AE4 live, so if you have a season pass please check your Advanced Warfare game for this new weapon today.

Is the AE4 Widowmaker in your COD Advanced Warfare game right now and if so, what location are you in? Leave a comment below with what generation you are on, if it’s not there yet, it will be very soon.

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  • Mike Decker

    on ps4 I have season pass installed.the ae4 / widowmaker are in the gun section. but locked. tells me goto store. when in store. tells me season pass is bought/downloaded/installed. but the ae4 is locked. any ideas why? how to fix? unlock guns.tho stats I saw for gun from other previews. would still stick with what I have the bonus maps available you get with season pass. but ae4 locked

  • Random poster

    No problems here, I’m in us and on xbox 1. I have both ae4 and ae4 widowmaker. When I got on to see if zombies came out yet it just said in the message of the day the guns are out for season pass owners. I went to create a class in multiplayer to see where the guns are and they were in assault rifle category. I pre ordered the game and got the season pass at the same time.

  • redpanda

    Yea on my XBOX1 I bought the season pass and COD together it keeps telling me to buy the season pass to unlock the AR but when I go to the store its says I already own the season pass.

    • Damon


  • Steeltip

    Hi I am in uk with xbox 1 & it was in my AR class already !! Oh and it’s garbage !!!,

  • Damon

    Same It keeps asking me to go to the store but nothing there

  • Goldenkey789

    I am on xbox one and I live in texas it is not in the store it is just in the assault rifle category in the create a class

    • Robbie

      same when I try to select it and it ask my to download it in the store but nothing is there

    • Damon

      Same keeps telling me to go to the store but when I do nothing is there

    • Jon

      Same problem. Already own season pass. AE4 shows in my AR class but locked. Select it and it says i already own season pass. How do i unlock it?

  • Anonymous

    Have it . In India

    • awdy

      90% of guns on AW are useless over rated, I regularly check what others are using & the same 3 or 4 guns crop up in every match.

      • ggg

        my AE4 is olcked