Clash of Clans Winter update notes live

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 11, 2014

The Clash of Clans full Winter update notes have finally gone live detailing all the changes within the long teased content for Christmas 2014. Following many graphics on the official Twitter, these hinted at the new features coming and now can be seen within the changelog below.

You can see the full Clash of Clans Winter update notes below that are broken into the main features. These are the new layout editor, new goodies, economy balancing, combat balancing, and many other improvements. The additional improvements cover live replays, adjustments with help ability icons, and changes to the resume boost button.



The patch notes came shortly after a tweet, although the Clash of Clans Winter graphic states “update today”, so there’s every chance we still need a maintenance break later today on December 11, 2014. This is exactly what we thought yesterday, which hinted towards Dec 10 or 11 for the maintenance break.

Are you ready to get hands on with the new Christmas content? Take a look at the full list of changes above, and then share a comment.

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  • Barb King

    No 1 Gem Boosts??? Come on, it is the holidays……

  • cedrick tansg

    Christmas 2014…it’s on the manta ince break