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Best Clash of Clans Level 7 Giants attack strategy

As we told you earlier, the new Clash of Clans Winter update is live and one of the biggest changes is a new upgrade to the Giants. Now, for those that are already looking for the best Clash of Clans Level 7 Giants attack strategies, we can bring you the first attacks that have landed online.

Surprisingly, community member Galadon has not uploaded his new Clash of Clans Max Giants attack strategy yet, although we are expecting to see it at any moment.

What we do have for you, is two fantastic videos that have just been uploaded almost instantly after Supercell went live with their update. They both show different types of attack strategies featuring Giants which are now max level.


One of the videos in particular is really fun as it shows what 48 max level giants in Clash of Clans looks like all attacking towards the enemy base at once.

The video also claims to be the world’s first in showing a new max Giant attack strategy, getting over 500k loot in the process which is pretty incredible.

Watch both clips below and let us know what you think about them. Have you already managed to figure out the best attack strategy in Clash of Clans for Level 7 Giants? Share it with us below!



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