Apple Watch dilemma over 2nd-generation wait

By Peter Chubb - Dec 12, 2014

With work still ongoing to make sure the Apple Watch is as good as it can be on its release, we have to wonder if there will be many procrastinators out there? We say this because we are sure there will be a good percentage of people that love the thought of owning the first Apple Watch, but would rather hang it out for the 2nd-generation.

Apple is almost certain to bring a new device that has some great hardware mixed with conventional, but superb design and build quality, as well as some reliable software to make the thing run as smooth as possible. There is a huge effort happening on the latter, as beta 2 of iOS 8.2 was recently released to devs, which we know is specifically for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch dilemma

However, it is a long way from perfect because it doesn’t exactly stand out and do a lot more than your smartphone can already do, although this is the same with every smartwatch out there. It’s all very well Apple bringing in people from the fashion industry in helping with marketing its new Watch device, but it needs to have that something special in order to appeal to a new audience, and not just people that will buy anything new from Apple.

Some would say Apple is getting into the smartwatch business too early, although we do not share that view, as they need to get the first generation model under its belt to test the waters and to improve on it. This is one of the reasons why many of you do not wish to be the guinea pig and would rather others put up with teething issues. They know there will be many changes with the next version, which we know will be thinner, and improvements made to many aspects and not just design.

If you own an iPhone and have plenty of money, then by all means get yourself an Apple Watch. However, if you have an iPhone but don’t have a lot, then you are best to hold off and get the better model, which will no doubt be in 2016 and could come with a flexible display that will deform for tactile feedback.

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  • mildmanneredjanitor

    Will it work with my Nokia phone?

  • Frankly I disagree. I think a lot of iPhone owners are willing to be guinea pigs and early adopters. Apple has enough of a reputation for us to know that even the first gen Apple Watch cannot be THAT bad.