Advanced Warfare Xbox 360 1.05 update notes live

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2014

Attention all COD players now as a brand new Advanced Warfare update for Xbox 360 has just gone live. We are expecting the Advanced Warfare 1.05 PS3 update very soon too, but for the moment the changes appear to be a mystery. Update: The Xbox 360 patch notes have also been confirmed along with this systems update as well in the last few moments.

This update appears to have come out of nowhere, and we can see that many are asking Sledgehammer what the Advanced Warfare 1.05 update notes are, since they haven’t been revealed in full yet.

The update is definitely live though as we have just received a prompt on our system for a new 124 MB COD Advanced Warfare update on Xbox 360 today. As far as we’re aware, Sledgehammer has not gone live with the same update on PS3 but it should be arriving very soon – in terms of minutes rather than hours.


We wonder if Sledgehammer has provided some further COD Advanced Warfare exploit fixes, after seeing that some aspects of multiplayer are still out of hand – as always.

We also know that Activision are now actively issuing account bans for anyone who is caught glitching, so we are very interested to see what the new COD Advanced Warfare patch notes are on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Have you just installed a new Advanced Warfare update on Xbox 360? For those that have, help us by listing what changes you have spotted in the game until we get the full patch notes for you.

Update: We have just received final confirmation in regard to the full list of patch notes for the Advanced Warfare 1.05 Xbox 360 update, as seen at this link.

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