Advanced Warfare free Steam weekend won’t save data

We have some great news for PC gamers now. Activision has decided that this weekend is the weekend for giving and as a result, COD Advanced Warfare multiplayer is completely free to play on Steam.

This is a lovely surprise in our opinion and we’ve seen many of you asking on Twitter when the Advanced Warfare free demo will start in PST time.

We’ve done some research on this and have found Activision’s FAQ regarding the free trial. You’ll need to know that the free access will start from Friday December 12 at 10am Pacific Time.


You’ll be able to play throughout the weekend, as the trial will end on Monday December 15 at the same time – 10am Pacific, or 1pm Eastern Time and 6pm UK time.

Unfortunately, we can also confirm that any progress made in the demo will not carry over to the full version should you decide to buy it. It’s a bit disappointing and somewhat strange for Activision to enforce this, but that’s what it says on their FAQ page.

The good news however is that those playing on the demo will be matched up against other demo players – i.e, you just won’t get thrown into a pool of hardcore veterans who have already maxed out their weapons and level – so that’s good at least.

If you haven’t tried Advanced Warfare yet, this is the perfect opportunity. Let us know your thoughts on this as a PC user and if you will be giving the game a go.



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