Tesla, TSLA Stock fears unjust over fickle gas prices

By Peter Chubb - Dec 10, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock fell yesterday to as low as $206, although it did manage to rebound back to $216 on the same day, by it will be interesting to see what happens when the markets open later today. There have been suggestions prices could fall to as low as $165 due to falling gas prices.

Many people within the industry have given Tesla a hard time and no doubt are pleased to see fresh rumors that the company is in serious trouble, which we find terrible. Let’s say its stock is related to the low price of gasoline, it’s unlikely to stay low for long because we know how fickle the gas market is.

Tesla, TSLA Stock fears unjust over fickle gas prices

Drivers do love low gas prices, but at $2.65 a gallon in the US, this is certain to go up in the not too distant future. It’s not like this has not happened before, yet Tesla haters just assume the worst. Do you feel these people should move with the times and embrace the future, although we doubt that will ever happen seeing as though they do not stand to make any money?

Reason to be positive – Kallo has told Bloomberg that demand for Tesla vehicles is stronger than ever, and with new models expected that demand will continue to grow. They also said that while there is no immediate problem for Tesla; if gas prices follow down this path – highly unlikely – then this could create a problem for Tesla.

Having said that, with ever-decreasing gas levels all tesla has to do is ride out the storm and will be ready to capitalize on this in later years. Here are the latest TSLA stock prices.

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  • A lot of people buy Teslas for the technology, the performance, and the environmental friendly aspects. While financial incentives are there, all other aforementioned reasons are enough to sway people to buy Teslas.

  • LillyPaper


    We have discovered a new electric generation of cars but the transport and haulage industry will take another 100 years to evolve?

    Battery power will not operate on heavy loaded lorries, it will just add to the weight?

    Maybe in the world of HGV and coach companies low fuel costs are good signs, low fuel costs means they should stock up while prices are low.

    Great news, but the oil prices will soon increase again!!!

    • LillyPaper

      Could Tesla go bankrupt ? Yes if we stopped producing electricity worlwide, which today is becoming cheaper and easier to produce than ever, so probably not yet…

  • I think it’s a misguided assumption that Tesla buyer purchase decisions are based on the high price of fuel. If that were true, Tesla buyers would be purchasing Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius in order to save even more money. It is the lure of the technology that influences the Tesla buyer, not the cost of a gallon of gas.