PS4 NW-31456-9 error code causing problems

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2014

We have been trying to access certain areas of the PSN today, but have been running into a problem, specifically involving a certain error. The PS4 NW-31456-9 error code has been appearing on our screen frequently, stopping us from using the PS4 Share button feature of the console normally.

This is a strange one, as the PSN is not down at the moment. We can also access the PlayStation Store on PS4 without any issue, however when trying to upload a screenshot with PS4 Share we are running into the same PS4 NW-31456-9 problem each time.

We were able to fix the problem temporarily by simply heading out of PS4 Share, back into our game in the background and back into PS4 Share, but then it happened again soon afterwards.


A quick dig around on social media and we can see that others have experienced the same problem too, with the PS4 NW-31456-9 error appearing on Wednesday December 10.

At this point though, it doesn’t appear to be a severe problem, so it may fix itself in time without Sony having to investigate.

It’s definitely a hassle though, when we are trying to upload screenshots to Twitter to share with our readers – especially now that PS4 Share has YouTube support and is used daily by millions of PS4 users uploading footage.

We’ll let you know if the problem escalates, but it’s something we thought you should be aware of if you happen to see this message on your own console. Let us know if it has happened to you today and if it managed to fix itself.

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  • Rach

    I’ve been getting this and CE-33987-0 codes for a few days now, it’s like PSN connection is in flux. I’ve been unable to watch NowTV via my PS4 app for the unbearable buffering and similarly with Amazon Prime app. We have eliminated all other causes and it’s starting to really irk us given that we have no fix for it currently.

  • Anon

    I have the same issue, mine happens when trying to download large games like Injustice. Same error. Sony said my chip was busted and i need to send for repairs

    • Ryan

      I think i have the same issue as you, when i try to download games or updates some give me this error code but before giving it to me it says preparing to download 0% then it gives me the code. did that happen to you? so do i have to send my ps4 for repair too?