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Jambanz wearable speaker review highlight safety for kids

As a grandparent I am always worried about so many things my grandchildren do, and one of the more worrying ones is how loud they play their music while wearing headphones. With their bodies still developing it is very dangerous for them to play music loud and so close to their ears, and so you we are always looking for other options,

One option is to go for a set of child’s headphones, although one issue is that the volume is often far too low. However, there is another option, and that is with the Jambanz Bluetooth Speaker Slap Band.

Jambanz wearable speaker review

We have located a Jambanz wearable speaker review video for you, which you can see below. It’s better to watch a video because it highlights the safety this device promotes for kids. You will notice this is a one-size fits all children product seeing as though it is a slap band.

There is another reason why this device is so much safer than headphones, and that is the fact your child will be able to hear road noise while outside, such as cars, something they would not be able to hear if wearing a pair of headphones.

With this being Bluetooth you will be able to stream music from your Android or iOS devices. There is a micro USB port for charging and a USB cable does come included. It’s design is a little nod to the 90s and if you are interested, you can get hold of one on the Jambanz website for just $30.



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