Far Cry 4 1.03 update live at 635.2MB, PS4 notes

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 10, 2014

The Far Cry 4 1.03 update is now live on PS4 at 635.2MB and it looks like this is a very recent patch with the full notes found below. The file downloaded without issues on our system and comes with a long list of changes.

As you can see within the Far Cry 4 1.03 patch notes below, the PS4 update brings many fixes to stability and performance. This also includes matchmaking glitches being given a fix, connectivity and replication, host migration problems, and also a fix to client inventory issues in co-op.



There’s also some changes been made within this Far Cry 4 update today for getting the game ready for “DLC 30”. The full changes made for the DLC weren’t detailed, but this was expected considering the release isn’t too far away.

In addition to the changelog above, you will also find IGE fixes with various map browser and gameplay issues fixed.

How is your game performing after installing the Far Cry 4 1.03 update? Take a look at the full patch notes, and then let u know if you received the desired fixes in the comments.

Update: Since publishing this article, we have not only installed the patch on a couple of systems but also been online playing. We have noticed improvements in matchmaking and multiplayer.

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  • Fragender


  • Don Jon

    Is no one going to talk about the glitch with crafting?

  • peinengato

    still cant connect with co op, shity ubisoft servers… any other game works fine with my internet

  • Jay

    Still they didn’t patch the God rays back to normal like they said they would

  • PerttiSWE

    Downgraded flames/explosion graphics?! Maybe more blurry resolution overall? Or maybe im just blind and thinking all of this.

    • John Ramone

      ….no…..nothing changed in graphics…

  • Billy

    I’m happy with the changelog, nice seeing another update with so many fixes just a couple of weeks after 1.02.