Destiny Xur needed for Urn of Sacrifice quest

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2014

From what we have seen, most Destiny players are absolutely loving the new The Dark Below DLC expansion that launched earlier this week. However, what many players didn’t expect though, is that Xur will play a big part in Eris Morn’s new quests.

For those specifically asking how to complete the Urn of Sacrifice quest, you are going to need to wait for Xur in order for him to take part in the ritual process.

The important thing to note is that Xur is not in Destiny The Dark Below at the moment, of course. Bungie has made the decision to withhold some of the new quests, until Xur’s location for The Dark Below appears on Friday December 12.


At the moment, there is no way to buy the Urn of Sacrifice in Destiny, as Xur will sell this item not Eris Morn, Crota’s Bane. We also know that Xur will specifically be needed for the Destiny ‘Ritual of the Forsaken’ quest, as the initial description requires players to ‘Return the Urn of Sacrifice to Xûr’ after it has been taken to the Moon in the previous part of this quest.

We know that a lot of you are asking how to loot Urn of Sacrifice in Destiny The Dark Below right now, so we just wanted to make it clear that you will have to wait until Friday to complete this part of the quest.


Many players are not happy with Bungie for making players wait, but we think it’s a good move in order to prolong the excitement and keep players coming back for more this weekend when Xur’s new items this week are live.

Are you trying to complete the Urn of Sacrifice quests in Destiny’s The Dark Below at the moment? Let us know your thoughts on having to wait for Xur to do it – do you support this decision by Bungie, or are you frustrated by it?

UPDATE: As we predicted, Xur is now selling the Urn of Sacrifice! See Xur’s location and items this week for further details.

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  • this game is bs

    I have been looking for Our for four days now… Waste of my money and time!

  • ethan

    What does the urn of sacrific do once you got it, still at work cant wait till i get home

  • Saelstrom

    I just want to know how much it will be and what happens once completed. I’m getting tired of being unpleasantly surprised by this game. There is far too little added content for the money I paid. Get it together bungie. I’m tired of being crapped on for giving you my money. I should have wait ed for Dragon age. I don’t have unlimited funds so spending money on this game was a big deal. Tired of being let down for my decision.

    • TitanGodRace

      wait for a game broken worse then unity. lmao, o.k. sweet pea.

    • NgTurbo

      It’s only 1 Strange Coin, available now from Xur.. don’t be sad friend.

  • jesse

    well to be honest i dont get to play as much because work but when i do its an amazing game im capped off got a couple legendary pieces but all in all i say shame to you bungie since when did we start buying half games you people make millions isnt that enoughlol of course not on a consumer point of view yall are lame its unfair but on a corperation point of view i get it and to be honest with you its not gonna stop me from buying the next dlc …its just inconvient for us is all you know the guys who fill your wallets up… but besides that destiny is an amazing game,,,,,

  • patrick

    why do you want to burn through all the new content in less than 48
    hours? enjoy it man. I’m glad they are parsing it out. make the new
    stuff last longer. Dark Below content isn’t like Queen’s or IB where it
    is gone in a week. There shouldn’t be any rush

  • Bo Treat

    i feel like this dlc is district 9, and we are all being delighted at, talked at, and told that we are excited for these rip off dlc’s…people are not happy…i’ve played with a lot of them. they all hate you bungie. because you ripped them off

    • TitanGodRace

      hows it feel to be a percent of a percent? make sure mommy gets her money back.