Destiny Crota’s End Secret Chest on Group and Solo

How are you getting on with Destiny’s The Dark Below so far? We have spoken about the Exotic Murmur Legendary Fusion Rifle and other items from Eris Morn, but now we wanted to share some quick details on the Destiny Crota’s End Raid.

This is one of the new Destiny Dark Below Raids that is available, but now we have confirmation that you can now get the Crota’s End Raid loot at the very beginning of the Raid, cutting out those endless battles with the Thrall.

Even better, we can also tell you that this little secret can be perform on both Solo and Group mode with friends. We have two videos to show you below this post giving evidence that it can be done at the very start of Crota’s End.


You’ll first need to open up the portal and then make your descent into the lower levels of the Raid. From there, you’ll be surrounded by complete darkness and you then need to locate a small glowing orange light as a clue for where to find the chest.


If you are playing on Solo mode, you will probably have to die once before you get the hang of this. When you die, the chest will move position and it should make it easier for you to find the light and then the Crota’s End Raid gear loot.

This method literally only takes minutes to do and we have a feeling that it may be patched out by Bungie in a future update. For now though, it’s the quickest way to get your hands on those rare Radiant Shards which you need to upgrade certain items.

Watch both videos if you need help on this and let us know how you get on. Have you already found the Destiny’s Crota’s End Chest 1? – If so, what loot did you find inside?



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