Clash of Clans Dec 11 maintenance break?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 11, 2014

It looks like a Clash of Clans maintenance break has been signaled for December 10, or at the latest tomorrow on the 11th. The hints arrived with an official reminder to not only save your village, but also to get ready for the Clash of Clans update that could release today. Update: It took place on Dec 11 early in the UK morning, or very early hours within the PST timezone.

If you look back at the Twitter channel and Facebook page for Clash of Clans, you’ll see they never remind players to save their update in preparation for an update. We have seen constant teases for new features that included saving layouts, giants, and more.


As expected, the tweet you can see below reminding players to save their village has received questions. These focus on gamers asking when the release date will be, or in fact if the update will be releasing today considering all the hints.

Clash of Clans Dec 10 maintenance break

Are you expecting a Clash of Clans maintenance break today? If we do see servers go down for a break on Dec 10, then you can be sure we’ll update Product Reviews readers. If you notice a maintenance break before us, then leave a comment.

Update: The servers are down and it looks like the latter happened, with a December 11 maintenance break and the update will be live VERY soon.

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  • Roy Dimayuga

    Oh my God, i did not save my village…. hope everything will be back …. and better… with more gems! Build back better! like the emergency motto in Haiyan Response… haha

  • jpramos

    Nce !!!