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Best Minecraft PE Windows Phone village seeds

We have some fantastic news for Windows Phone owners now, as Minecraft PE for Windows Phone is finally available to download! You can get the app right now from the Windows Store and we now wanted to bring you a heads-up on some of the best Minecraft PE Windows Phone village seeds available to you.

Village seeds are what makes iOS and Android versions fun, providing custom content for users to explore and enjoy – thus prolonging the longevity of the game and a great way to pass some time.

Mojang has confirmed that Minecraft PE Windows Phone offers the exact same features as iOS and Android versions, meaning that Minecraft PE Windows Phone village seeds will work fine as well, using the same input data from Android and iOS seeds.

As a result, we have done some digging for you and can already bring you some of the best Minecraft PE 0.10.4 seeds near spawn that are available right now.


First of all, you should check out 1243219472, which spawns you in a plains biome and features a nearby blacksmith and blacksmith chest. Then there’s also 1418014573 which is a forest seed that includes a pink sheep among other delights.

Type in ‘Muffinz’ and you’ll be able to play on a new world that contains a cave, zombie spawner and a chest with 6 gunpowder inside. One more is ‘Steve’, which is actually a massive seed containing pretty much everything you ever need – chests, blacksmiths, hidden dungeons and more.

We’ve added a video preview below showing the Steve seed in action so check that out and let us know what you think. Minecraft PE for Windows Phone has literally only just gone live so let us know your early impressions of the game.

If you have a Minecraft PE 0.10.4 seed to share for new Windows Phone players, add it below as we’d love to see what else the community has to offer.



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