The Witcher 3 avoids DriveClub, ACU backlash with delay

We have some bad news to bring you now. The Witcher 3 release date has been delayed again, after initially being rescheduled for a February 2015 release – this is after the original scheduled launch of Autumn 2014 didn’t happen.

We know that this is a massive game release in 2015 and there is going to be some sadness over the decision. However, we also know that The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is one of those games that is going to be well worth the wait, so you shouldn’t be too unhappy.

From all of the previews, screenshots and trailers that have been unveiled so far, you should have had a basic idea of how beautiful this game is looking – some have actually called it Skyrim on steroids.


Developers CD Projekt Red have naturally apologised for the further delay, going into detail in an open letter which you can read in full here. The reason for the delay is due to factors involving the ‘sheer size and complexity’ of the game and also the fact they needed to ‘correct’ certain key details before launching.

They said that they acted ‘too hastily’ on announcing a release date for The Witcher 3, but asks for your trust as they look to put things right ahead of the new Witcher 3 release date which will be on May 19 2015.

We think they should have as long as they need to get the game out without problems. DriveClub and Assassin’s Creed Unity should be the most recent examples of how not to launch a game, so we feel the majority of gamers will understand here.

Do you agree that it’s important to finish a game entirely, more crucially test the game to its fullest extent before launching – to avoid problems that we’ve seen with other high profile launches this year?

Give us your reaction to this.



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