New Mortal Kombat X character silence for two months

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2014

Many fans were expecting to see some new Mortal Kombat X character reveals for December 2014 during Sony’s PlayStation Experience a few days ago. It didn’t happen though and we can see that some fans are starting to get very impatient on Twitter – constantly bombarding co-creator Ed Boon with messages on when the next Mortal Kombat X character announcement will be.

For now though, NetherRealm Studios are biding their time and not giving into fan demands. The last official reveal we had was Quan Chi, but that was back in October so it has been a full two months without a new character revealed.

Mortal Kombat X is due out on April 14, 2015 remember, so in a way we understand why fans are so bloodthirsty for the next character reveal. After all, we have only had 10 characters revealed so far – 4 new characters and 6 returning characters, including Goro who is a Mortal Kombat X pre-order special.


So with that in mind, who’s next for Mortal Kombat X? We would like to see somebody like Cyrax or Smoke revealed – human or Ninja for the latter, we don’t mind.

However, with such a massive roster and no hints whatsoever from the developers it is anyone’s guess on who will actually make it into the game.

What we do know is that Ed Boon is seemingly having a fun time dealing with all of the hype on Twitter and joining in on the fact that we haven’t heard any Mortal Kombat X news for a while.


If you are excited about this game, which Xbox One owners definitely will be now, let us know who you want to see added to Mortal Kombat X next.

Do you think that two months is too long without a new character reveal, considering the game is due out in April?

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  • Mark

    I seriously can’t even imagine the shear mathematical genius that goes into making a game like this. To evenly distribute powers so that all the characters are of an equal match up? They must rack their brains matching up fights, and testing fighters against each other to get that perfectly fair damage ratio. That being said, I can’t sleep at night thinking about this game! I’m just trying to guess or even trying to imagine what the guys over at NetherRealm came up with for the other new characters. The unknowns so far look great, and match up well in fights. The waiting is killing me! Everyone is so focused on who’s coming back, while I’m just thinking about what cool new characters they dreamt up, and what sort of moves they’ll possess. I want to play this story mode, and get the in depth information on the new fighters, not only that, but the ones coming back again. I can’t wait to see how the aged returning fighters look as well, and what their back story is going to be like. The new graphics are spectacular, and the overall feel, is so much darker. Not to mention there is probably going to be so much more content in this next Gen. consoled that we won’t even find out until the game is released! I think much more characters then they’d like to admit. You win or earn them as unlockables. crazy fight modes, hidden easter eggs, alt. costumes, the whole nine yards. I’m getting a next gen. console just for this game, and if I could wish anything, it would be that they only release on next gen, so they can push limits, and really have over the top content. Massive variety of boards, and way more fighters, then anyone ever imagined. I can’t wait period!!!! I think he’s not leaking much lately, because even the release of a characters look, would probably then leak plot details. Sucks though! All of the quote unquote leaked images of possible returning characters hold a fun realism, just imagining that pic of Ermac as Ermac, and I’m pleased, The Iron suited Reptile is sick too. I do believe with all the new characters, and all the new game content, that they are going to just take this in a whole new direction, and to a whole other level. They’ve hopefully worked out all the bugs, and bad to boring gameplay, that now even a kid not a fan of fighting games will like it. I’m hoping for the satisfyingly interest factor of the game to go up too. So as one player you don’t just beat the game, and become bored of the game modes. I’m hoping multi-player and single player modes are just as interesting, that a player will not get easily bored of the content, or that any of it becomes redundant. I think with Injustice they learned how to navigate fighters through challenges that added to the single player game play. That fun Call of Duty type of feeling when the more you play, the more you level up and unlock. I also hope the endings are more satisfying then just some picture and a back story. I want epic rendered and animated endings that are more like little mini episodes of true story endings. Like Tekken always did. The endings in Tekken, were always so fulfilling. They can now make a sick graphical ending that looks beautiful on the next gen, and each one would be suited for each character, making the endings unique, and playing out like little mini movies. I hated the picture with the voice over. It’s just plain lazy.