Google Drive down today, not working with error

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2014

It looks like those of you who are trying to use Google Drive today are running into some big problems. At the time of writing, Google Drive is down today on December 9 and not working with a Internal Server Error 500 message.

We’ve just tried to use the service ourselves and can confirm that it isn’t working for us either. It looks like it is a global problem at the moment, so Google is going to need to fix up the problem asap.

The strange thing is, is that Google’s app status page suggests that there isn’t any problems with Google Drive at the moment, but it’s definitely offline for us.


You can see confirmation that hundreds of other Google Drive users are also having issues, by checking out a constant Twitter stream with messages coming in by the second.

Hopefully Google are already aware of the situation and are fixing as we speak. For now though, give us your own status. Is Google Drive not working for you today, or have you been able to get in?

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  • Dado

    still not working for me

  • daef

    still not working…

  • NgTurbo

    Should be back up now guys, check again 🙂

  • driveuser

    you can access your files in gmail by composing a message and ‘attaching’ a file from Drive.

  • Ivan

    Google Drive is freaking lame, right when I need their service it goes down, guess i’m gonna fail my english class…

    • Matt

      Well if you email your teacher/prof about it, and your they check google drive themselves and sees its down, maybe they’ll give you an extension?

  • GDriveuser

    I get the same error message. Not working for me presently.