Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 1.02 update with initial patch notes

We have some important news for Dragon Age Inquisition players on PS4 now, as Bioware has just finalized the Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 2 for PS4 and PC versions.

Focusing on PS4 first, we can confirm that this update will arrive as the Dragon Age Inquisition 1.02 update on PS4 – since the first Day One update was version 1.01 which contained bug fixes.

Now Bioware has sent out word that the update is coming soon and have also given players an initial heads-up on the Dragon Age Inquisition 1.02 patch notes.

Dragon Age- Inquisition price

The developer hasn’t shared the full list yet, but they have been generous enough to let us know what areas will be fixed in the next update. Key areas of focus will be Stability, Gameplay and Multiplayer modes according to Bioware’s notes here.

More importantly, the Stability fixes should make gameplay a lot more stable with regards to Dragon Age Inquisition crashes, freezes and glitches. We’re also personally pleased to see that Bioware has mentioned ‘Enemy AI’ fixes as well, which should make a lot of you happy.

Bioware has said that the Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 1.02 update will arrive sometime on Tuesday December 9 so look out for it. When it is live, we will update this with a link to the patch notes for you – be sure to head to Bioware’s website to see the full areas of focus that will be targeted with this update.



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