Clash of Clans Winter update notes with forum exclusive

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2014

We have some exciting news for Clash of Clans players now, as Supercell has just released the first Clash of Clans Winter update notes on their forum. We have a full heads-up for you on the notes as well as the newest Forum exclusive reveal as well for those that want to check that out.

At the time of writing, Clash of Clans is not down for maintenance so the Winter update, or Christmas update has not arrived yet. It’s coming soon though, as Supercell has deemed it necessary to release the first batch of Clash of Clans Winter patch notes for you to read through.

There is a huge list, but the key areas of interest are a new Clash of Clans Collector Level 12 for Town Hall 8 and above. Once the update is live, you’ll also be able to build the Dark Elixir Drill starting from Town Hall 7, instead of Town Hall 8 on the current build.


Dark Elixir Drills have also had their max capacity increased on all levels, while another big talking point is going to be a change to Walls with Elixir, which can now only be accessible when upgrading Walls to level 9 or higher.


The image above confirms the key areas of the upcoming Clash of Clans December update, but remember these are only the notes in brief – make sure you read the entire list of changes here.

Now, we also have the latest Clash of Clans ‘Forum Exclusive’ notes for you as well, which some of you may be looking for. We can tell you that Army camps will soon have heavily decreased hit points after the change, putting an end to stubborn campfires.

Another Forum Exclusive is that Cannons, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory and Dark Elixir Drills have been tweaked too with higher HP on almost all levels.

So there we have it. Remember that this is only going to be the first batch of more Clash of Clans Winter notes that will be on the way very soon. Check out all of the information and let us know what you think of all the upcoming changes.

Do you think a Clash of Clans update today on Tuesday December 9 is coming, or will Supercell make us wait until next week?

UPDATE: The Clash of Clans Winter update notes are live – find them in full here.

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  • Ashok

    Woow it’s really exiting now I am lvl 57 nad soon i I’ll get king join vikings brother only lvl 60+ with lvl 2 dragonz and lvl 4 troops

  • Deken

    I’ve been TH8 through the elixir update. I won maybe 100 or so attacks a season. I’ve had my defenses maxed for months now, except for walls. I maybe bought 5 TH8 walls with elixir out of 150+. I had to use the rest for barracks upgrades, DB upgrades, and research. This change doesn’t seem drastic to me.

  • Nrpdude

    Don’t like the new wall system being able to only upgrade walls with Elixir Level 9 and Up…….

  • jackeroo

    have supercell been removing abandoned clasher so we cant get their gold and elixir?

  • pat

    By making the walls upgrade with elixar for lvl 9+ this will allow the stay players (active) to farm elixar too. Right now the once a day players (go on once a day) will have very little elixar because they are putting it all into walls. Supercell is fixing the economy for th9/10. Just be patient. If you don’t like what their doing go make your own game!

  • Vamparush

    All of taht seems ok apart from the elixir with walls update patch, i spent ages getting all my walls to lvl 6 to be able to upgrade with elixir. Looks like a year long player will be lost 🙁

    • Amperor

      Considering using elixer to upgrade walls at all is a relatively new, I’m gonna say you haven’t spent ages doing anything.

  • this guy

    Elixir for walls was one of the worst updates based on loot potential in the game. This update tries to fix the game economy. You will no longer have to barch on 150k elixir and gold raids

  • Zeus

    The noobs are already crying about the walls. I had to upgrade and fully max out th8 walls included without the use of elixir….DEAL WITH IT! To many of you noons want super cell to cater to you.

    • this guy

      Agree. High wall level should be earned

  • alencooper42

    news for Clash of Clans players now

  • ImperfectLion

    Wtf… Why can’t you upgrade walls to level 8 with elixir?! That sucks! It took me almost a month upgrading to level 7 with gold AND elixir!

    • Thiscantbegood

      Seriously 500,000 to upgrade 1 wall with gold will take forever to upgrade walls to lvl 8. Such BS.