Avengers Alliance down, not loading with Playdom MIA

Those of you who were hoping to continue playing PVP today on Marvel’s Avengers Alliance are going to be out of luck. At the time of writing, Avengers Alliance is down today on December 9, with MAA not working on Facebook.

We have only just discovered this problem, but we’ve also been told by some of our readers that the game has been down all day for hours. Perhaps worst of all, is that there has been no communication from Playdom regarding the sudden outage.

We’ve had a look on the developer’s forums, but there isn’t a single update from Playdom in sight. All we can see however, are moderators who are too busy moving threads around from angry players, rather than offer an update on what is going on.


Pages and pages of complaints here suggest that Avengers Alliance is not loading today globally, rather than a specific area. Hopefully when Playdom finally manages to get to work, it will be a case of a simple update rather than a further delay throughout Tuesday evening.

Let us know your status at the moment. Can you connect to MAA right now, or is the game down for you as well – if so, how long has the outage been for you in your area? Should compensation be awarded for the lost PVP daily battles or not?



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