Russell Hobbs iron recall Dec 8 update

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 8, 2014

This is just a small update for those impacted by Russell Hobbs iron recall in December 2014. Not only has the full list of model numbers been published last week, as seen in our earlier report, but those concerned have either been slow to act or confused when trying to find out if their Russell Hobbs irons are part of this 2014 recall.

Russell Hobbs revealed the iron recall has kept their phone lines extremely busy and in a closing update yesterday on Facebook, they updated followers with ways to make contact. The Facebook message found here details that the phone lines closed until today, but Russell Hobbs gave Facebook followers another way to get help with this iron recall.


If you find yourself trying to get help from Russell Hobbs when the phone lines are closed, they explain consumers should either wait until the 9AM open time, or fill out this online contact form.

In fact, this could be the best option when you consider a member of their customer services team will then get back to you. It’s obvious phone lines might have long waiting times during the early stages of this recall, so filling out the online form via the above link will be a stress free approach as long as they contact customers within a timely period.

If you have used the contact form for the 2014 Russell Hobbs iron recall, did you receive a call back or email in a timely manner? Leave your comments below and of course with any other issues you’ve had since finding out about the major recall.

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  • Roberta evans

    Have been trying since January to get a refund-absolute disgrace -the time I have wasted on the phone to russell hobs. I have been told 3 times now that the cheque is in the post. Hoe are they getting away with this?

  • lesley

    very poor customer service i sent my iron back well over a month ago it said that a replacement would be sent back up to 7 days of receiving the iron I have rang several times put in queue once up to 45 min sent 2 emails no reply rang again while sending this no answer just would be nice to no whats going on I have no iron do I go to buy one but why should I its not my fault not impressed I wonder if watch dog will be doing a up to date show don’t mind giving my views

  • Melanie

    Very poor customer service from Russell Hobbs. I filled out the forms and received the return label and confirmation that refund would be given in 5 working days on 5/12/14.. After false promises and lengthy telephone calls giving details multiple times I am still out of pocket 6 weeks later. Are they deliberately with holding refunds?

  • Diane

    It’s been a month since I completed the online form after seeing the Watchdog program, had an email dated 11.12.14 saying I’d receive my replacement within 5 days. I’ve heard nothing since. Tried the freephone number who told me my postcode showed nothing on their records so was given an 0345 number to call. I’m posting this as I wait on hold – for 16 minutes now – and haven’t spoken to a ‘human’ yet. I need an iron!! Seem to have us over a barrel on this…. shame Watchdog’s off air….

  • Helen

    Filled in the form about three weeks ago and heard nothing, not impressed!

  • Nicole

    I watched the recall on watchdog and tried all day to contact them the next day. I asked for a call back and recieved one the following sunday advising me that my iron was affected, and to wait for an email to be sent with UPL return instructions and not to use the iron in the meantime. That was 12 days ago now and im still waiting for the email to come through!! the most annoying thing is that even when i do send it off it will be yet another week to wait. This is ridiculous…currently making do with a travel iron for a family of 4 with a baby! sort it out russel hobbs and get some agreements set up with stores so that we can get an exchange quickly

  • Lewis

    Reply from Russell Hobbs – “Thanks for your patience”.
    It’s not a case of patience. Everyone needs an iron on a dally basis. Your way of recalling these items is clearly inadequate. At the very least I would have expected exchanges to be linked with high street stores so everyone can do this quickly. Your delaying tactics to first admit the issue and now your handling of this recall means I will no longer be buying or recommending Russell hobbs

  • steph

    disgusting customer service tried to phone Thurs & Fri to we are experiencing a high number of calls, call back later. I filled in online recall to receive another email for more information. Finally received an email tonight the my iron is effected and will receive a UPS label to return. What/when am I going to receive a replacement refund ? I can not believe Russell Hobbs a company whom I respected until now !