PS4 HBO Go app release date missing

We have spoke about the PS4 missing features that is still eluding the system in a recent article above, but now we wanted to talk about one app in particular that seems to have disappeared.

This app has to be one of the biggest third-party apps available to US consumers at the moment and it’s somewhat surprising to see that it isn’t out on PS4 yet.

Sony shared an official update on the app back in January of this year on their PlayStation Blog, confirming that the PS3 version was due out soon and that a PS4 version would ‘follow’.


Little did we know though that almost 12 months would pass with still no solid PS4 HBO Go app release date in sight. Sony are not saying anything about the status at the moment and we can only hope that it is still being planned for a PS4 Christmas firmware update.

In the 11 months that have passed, we have since seen HBO Go release for Xbox One. Sony are usually very efficient when it comes to releasing high-in demand features and apps in relation to when they become available on Xbox One, so we’re surprised about this.

We can see that many of you are asking the same question as well – “Where is the HBO Go app for PS4?” is what we constantly see on forums and social boards such as Twitter.

Let’s hope that we have some good news to share on this matter soon. Give us your thoughts on this if you have been waiting for the HBO Go PS4 app launch for a year.



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