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Facebook app Camera Roll problem, no other folder option

Using the Facebook app on my iPhone 6 has become much easier thanks to the increased screen size, although all is not well. When I used to share a photo on Facebook via the iOS app you then had the choice of what folder you would like to select an image from, but since Apple brought back the Camera Roll that is the only option you have.

When iOS 8 was released Camera Roll was missing, and while this caused anger it was returned shortly after. However, it has had a strange reaction on the Facebook app for iOS. Can you imagine trying to add a photo to Facebook using the app and having to go through thousands of photos, as you cannot select a certain folder?

Facebook app Camera Roll problem

The only way around this is by going to the Photo app itself, finding the picture of choice and then sharing that way, which has made the Photo section of the Facebook app pretty much redundant at this time.

For some reason there does not seem to be anyone else talking about this issue, but I know it is not an isolated one, seeing as though there are three other iOS devices here and all have the same issue, as does a few of my friends.

All of us have updated the Facebook app to the latest version, and are running iOS 8.1.1 and yet there is still this issue, which you can see in the image below.

Am I missing something here, or is this a problem that has only recently arisen?



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