DriveClub extreme weather gameplay post update

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 8, 2014

The DriveClub Extreme weather update is now live within patch 1.08, and we have a treat for Product Reviews readers. If you haven’t seen much gameplay detailing the new extreme weather in DriveClub, then you can do so with 28 minutes of gameplay below.

This isn’t old footage, it was uploaded to YouTube within the last hour and showcases what the video creator calls the “DriveClub Weather Update 1.08 Gameplay” within full 1080p as well.


If you want to see how this weather impacts racing within DriveClub on PS4, then take a look at the gameplay and share a comment after watching. You can see the full patch notes here.

You will also see the different extreme weather with a variety of maps demoed within the video. Take a look below, also if you’ve been hands-on share a comment with how it felt different for you when driving in these conditions.

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  • Josh101

    This looks crazy. I’m going to play the sh*t out of this tnight.