DriveClub 1.08 update live with 2.42GB size

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 8, 2014

The latest DriveClub 1.08 update is live on PS4 at 2.42GB in size and the full patch notes are incoming shortly for Product Reviews readers. This is a massive file, as such some of you might want to start the download sooner rather than later.

There has been demands for many fixes within the game and the 1.07 patch included a long list of fixes within its patch notes, so expect the same with the DriveClub 1.08 update today.


The screenshot above reveals the file size and we took this in the UK just moments ago. While we know the patch is live in this region, it should also be up for download on PS4’s in the United States as well.

Have you seen the massive update for DriveClub today and if so, did you receive the fixes you wanted? Again, we will be publishing the detailed notes very soon.

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  • Sean Carbutt

    Played this game for about 3 days when it was released and have not touched it since. My worst buy of the year

    • Josh101

      I wouldn’t call it my worst buy of the year. Battlefield 4 took the cake for me. It took over 10 months to get that game in a finished working state. I couldn’t get online with Driveclub for the first 5 days. The past month it’s been working online where I don’t get dropped out of que for races. If you still have it, you definitely need to get back onit. It’s pretty damn good now.