Destiny update notes with Dark Below hotfix

We are just hours away from the start time for Destiny’s Dark Below DLC expansion. Before that though, you’ll need to know that Bungie has just issued a quick Destiny update in the form of a hotfix.

Given that this is a new Destiny hotfix, you won’t face a long download time in case you were worrying about missing out on Dark Below – it should only be a few MB in size when it is pushed to your console.

You can check the version number in the bottom left of your screen to ensure that the Destiny hotfix has been applied – although you may still be on 1.0.3 at the moment.


It’s definitely on the way though and here are the official Destiny update notes from Bungie. First of all, Bungie has confirmed that they have fixed up some general bugs that they have found in The Dark Below, so hopefully your gameplay experience should be as smooth as possible.

However, the key changes that we can see are increased difficulty levels for the Daily Heroic Story, Weekly Heroic Strike and Weekly Nightfall Strike. This means that when this hotfix is applied, you should no longer see a level 28 cap when playing these missions.

Confirmation of the update notes from this hotfix can be seen on Bungie’s website here. Remember that with the increased difficulty, it will place a higher emphasis on you having to purchase better wares from Eris Morn, the new vendor for the expansion – you can find her exact location here so you are fully prepared.

There we have it. Have you already purchased The Dark Below and are ready to go? Let us know if you have this update on your game at the moment, or if you are still stuck at 1.0.3.



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