COD Advanced Warfare 1.08 update for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2014

It is that time again when we are looking for the next COD Advanced Warfare update. Since Sledgehammer launched 1.07 on December 4, it’s highly unlikely that we will see another new COD Advanced Warfare 1.08 update for PS4 and Xbox One this week.

However, as always there are plenty of requests from the community, from those who are demanding more changes to the game for Sledgehammer to implement.

With the 1.07 patch, Sledgehammer introduced a vast amount of changes, including some new weapon balance fixes to selection of multiplayer guns. Examples of which were the Bal27 which had a damage reduction and recoil adjustment, and also the Ameli which should now benefit from increased damage.

On the other side of things, Sledgehammer also promised that they had issued an update regarding the COD Advanced Warfare glitches, by including an ‘player out of world exploit’ fix to the game with 1.07 – unsurprisingly, some are still finding ways around this though today.


So looking ahead to the forthcoming COD Advanced Warfare 1.08 patch for PS4, Xbox One, what would you say needs to be a priority fix from Sledgehammer this time around?

Over on the forums, PS4 and Xbox One players are saying that the HBRa3 in COD Advanced Warfare may have been ‘overnerfed’ by Sledgehammer. The 1.07 update arrived with decreased weapon damage for this weapon, but does the developer need to take a look at this weapon again specifically and bring it back to the level it was a few patches ago?

It’s clear that there’s still a lot of improvements to be made with COD Advanced Warfare multiplayer. Make yourself familiar with the full 1.07 patch notes again to refresh your memory, then tell us what you need to see with the COD AW 1.07 update on PS4 and Xbox One to keep you playing daily.

If you could list one vital change needed, what would it be?

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  • BigStank_88

    Please get rid of quick scoping its ruining the game. The hardest part of quickscoping is running around looking for people then you let the game aim for you with auto grab and get a free kill you didnt earn. Im all for sniping but people shouldnt get awarded for usuing them with no skill.

    • Naarj

      It clearly takes skill to ‘quickscope’ as people make a community out of it and do good with it instead of sweating everyday. It’s there for people to use, you can’t just ‘disable’ the fact that you can quickly, consecutively kill people. Plus, it has been around for a long time, and probably will be for future purposes.

  • joe sumbody

    Id like to see them change the way u get points towards ur personal score for caping the hard point. U should have to hold the hard point and slowy get points. The way it is now ppl bump the hard point gey the medal and points and back out of it. Seen a guy the other day with 45 captures and a scorr of 9999. This also sucks for the playets that hold the hp after sum1 bumps it cause they get no points for it.

    • Puppet Master

      They get more points for killing some one in it

  • Ernesto Ruiz

    Honestly the thing they should change the most is the laser gun omg there’s always one person using that gun & you can never kill then the gun is way to over powered that should be changed

  • The Hbr is fine now. The 3 shot kill range was too long before for an AR. The same with the Bal. ARs shouldn’t be able to kill as fast as SMGs at close range so the Bal and Hbr nerfs were both good and helped balance the weapons better. Their 3 hit kill range is like 2 meters and it used to be like 12.

    • Brisingr7337

      No, they nerfed the hbra3 to the point where it can’t get a 3 hit kill at ANY range, unless every shot is a headshot. I’ve also noticed that the last hitmarker never makes a sound; idk if this is just the hbr or not cuz I never use other guns.