Advanced Warfare PS3 1.05 patch notes by Dec 12?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 8, 2014

Out of all the platforms that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare runs on, it’s the PS3 console that has the most reported problems with freezing topping the list of many bug fix wish lists. The latest official response came shortly after the PS4/Xbox One update, and gamers were told the Xbox 360 and PS3 COD Advanced Warfare 1.05 patch notes are “coming soon”.

Considering the coming soon statement was last week just before COD Clan Wars started, it’s clear the Advanced Warfare PS3 1.05 update will release this week and almost certainly by Friday, December 12. This will be one week after the previous patch for newer platforms, although we’re told the notes will contain the changes seen already with 1.07 on the likes of PS4.

New Advanced Warfare PS3 update by Dec 12

Adding a freezing fix to the PS3 patch notes – while the official stance on the coming PS3 1.05 update is it will contain fixes from last weeks PS4/PC/XB1 update, it’s hard to believe there won’t be other fixes added just for the last generation systems. This is especially important for the freezing problems on PS3, which were reported in hundreds of comments to Product Reviews.

In fact, we saw further evidence of freezing on the PS3 platform over the weekend. There are fixes being reported on YouTube for the PS3 issues, like this one for Xbox/PS3, but the game needs a patch to solve the problem rather than workarounds.

Are you waiting patiently for the Advanced Warfare 1.05 patch on PS3 and if so, is freezing the main issue you need fixing? Remember to follow Product Reviews, as we will be one of the first websites to publish the patch notes this week when they are live.

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  • TrueCreamGamer

    The think I need them to patch is the FONT bex ause it’s HUGE for the PS3 and because of the Killfeed being so long it can touch the weapon that you are using… PLEASE FIX IT SLEDGEHAMMER…

  • callofdutyfan

    Freezing is NOT fixed!!!!!!

  • Addicted

    [vioientcameitoe] [PS3] I had some really frustrating problems with AW when it first came out. Raged so hard. But I haven’t froze since 1.04 when they did the massive update. I think SHGames did a hell of a job for their first Call of Duty.

  • Guest

    They better patch the glitches on a lot of maps. I had to stop playing the game because of this… I just couldn’t get in a match where people didn’t glitch, its so annoying. I’m on PS3.