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2014 Apple 12 days iTunes app not available

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would reinstall the 12 Days of Christmas app on my iPhone, but upon searching for it in iTunes expecting to see it ready and waiting for me in iCloud, there were no results. I was able to get around this by going to iTunes, then all apps and then managed to drag last year’s versions to the iPhone.

2014 Apple 12 days iTunes app still not available – The problem with installing last year’s version is that it still says Happy New Year, and so it is stuck in a loop because it does not know it is another year.

2014 Apple 12 days iTunes app

What we find interesting is the fact by this time last year Apple already released its new version of its 12 Days of Christmas app, so what is taking this year’s update so long?

Ok, so we know there is still plenty of time for the update to go live seeing as though the Apple does not give away these free gifts until Boxing Day, but we cannot understand why there is a delay. However, the strangest thing is the fact the app has been removed, or is this something that happens each year and we have only just realized this?



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