PSN down on December 7, hacked by LizardSquad again

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2014

This is starting to become a regular occurrence, as sadly PSN is down today once again on December 7. Not for the first time, it looks like PSN is not working due to a direct hack from the infamous group known as ‘Lizard Squad’.

Last week, the group managed to take Xbox Live down and now it looks like the global PSN login is down for everyone at the time of writing – we’re guessing as a result of another direct PSN DDOS attack today.

We have tried to use the PSN sign-in ourselves, but can’t log into PSN due to the error CE-34861-2. We know that some of you are also getting this error code, along with other PSN error codes as well since they differ.


The above image is a confirmation that LizardSquad has hacked the PSN sign-in on December 7, making users fully aware that they are fully responsible and not wanting to stay silent about it.

We’ve since seen Sony’s Ask PlayStation Twitter account confirm that they are now officially ‘investigating’ the matter, so hopefully the PSN will be back up very soon.

We don’t know what to say about this, as it keeps happening almost every week now. Is the PSN down for you in your area at the moment? Let us know if you can sign-in, or if you are still having problems.

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  • Alex deane

    Is it realy hacked or is there just an error

  • storm

    I got the same problem about the error ce-34861-2. And i hope in area of dubai uea will fixed also

  • smfd

    lizard nerds.. down in WA


    Wow, these idiots ARE NOT HACKERS, a DDOS attack is a massive amount of info being sent in order to crash servers, OMG lets freak out, oh wait i just sent an email….

  • Nabs

    Psn still alive in Singapore.

  • Andy

    Down in Iowa…yes we have internet here.

  • ???

    if I couldnt get laid or have friends I would lay in my moms basement and hack stuff to. what a joke grow up.

    • LizardSquasher

      They are more than that. They are terrorists that need to meet the same fate as Osama. The CIA/FBI will not do anything unless it is seen as terrorism. We need to call it that. It harms US citizens and costs the companies a LOT. And those expenses are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, which means Uncle Sam is missing out on millions too. Also, by allowing this behaviour to proliferate, it is providing these terrorists with a whole bunch of young people to “recruit”. Then, these attacks could be used against major infrastructure/facilities that will mean putting US lives at risk. The US will, of course, need to trespass on foreign soil in order to arrest these guys, but they did it in Pakistan for Osama, so they CAN do it if necessary. If just one or two photos of these terrorists in a body bag or serving life in Gitmo does the rounds, I think you’ll find these terrorist attacks will come to a grinding halt. Once the FBI/CIA resolve to get these guys, it will stop. Until then, it will get worse and worse. They have promised to shut down PSN and XBox Live at Christmas. This means people cannot buy the kids that expansion/new game which means less profit and less taxes – as well as millions of kids’ disappointed at Christmas (but the financial focus is more likely to interest the FBI/CIA.
      So if you are in the US, write to your Congressman/Senator and demand that something is done.
      For those who are not US citizens (like me) unfortunately your country (like mine) is pretty much powerless to stop the cyber terror – but do your best to let Americans know what to do about this very effective terrorism that is hurting the West FAR more than some IED in Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen. I think the seriousness of the problem will be realised over Chistmas – but people need to MAKE SOME NOISE about it.

  • luke

    I hope the hackers get aids

    • BewiggedSpoon

      Trust me, there is absolutely zero chance of this happening.

  • tanner

    down in manitoba canada

  • LizardSquad hater

    down in KY

    • sethscp

      Love your name 🙂 completely agree.