PS4 20th Anniversary Edition stock after order problems

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 7, 2014

There is PS4 20th Anniversary Edition stock still being sold online, but it isn’t from the official store and instead will mean a trip to auction sites like eBay, or even Facebook’s Buy and Sell pages. Die-hard fans will consider paying a lot more, especially if they had pre-order problems for the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 console.

The rare limited edition console went on sale yesterday, but as expected it sold out within minutes. Those that could still add the special edition PS4 to a cart received an error message once at the checkout, which of course caused upset and a lot of complaints in official forums.


20th Anniversary Edition PS4 being sold at a high price – If you tried to order and received the no more inventory message, have you tried to find stock on the likes of eBay?

We have featured a screenshot below taken from eBay moments ago, which reveals some incredible prices for the PS4 Anniversary Edition and they range from $1700 to $15,000 at the time of writing. This is for a console that was sold within the last 24 hours for just $500 officially.


It’s not clear if some people are inflating these eBay prices without planning to purchase, or if some people will really pay such a price considering the jump from $500. Leave a comment below with how much you’re willing to pay for this special edition console.

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  • Jfdelman

    Minutes? It was all gone in 10 seconds.

    • Jizm

      Probably took them a few minutes to realize they were sold out in 10 seconds.