PS4 2.04 update wishlist for next firmware

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2015

It’s fair to say that we are due some new PS4 features with the upcoming PS4 2.04 update. We say this as the last few updates have been stability patches, offering no new functionality for users since the major 2.0 firmware that offered the amazing SharePlay feature.

We always like to talk about what features we would like to see in the next PS4 update, but we have a feeling that the next update may be another stability patch before PS4 2.05 is out with some actual new features to play around with.

Sony won’t be short on ideas though when it comes to actually deciding what to add to PS4 next. There’s still a number of semi-major features that have yet to arrive, the most obvious of which is DLNA support and better support for third-party headsets from makers such as Turtle Beach.


It would also be nice to see a lot more third-party app support on the PS4. Spotify would be amazing on the PS4, but the odds on that happening are probably very slim considering that Sony has Music Unlimited to plug.

What excuse do they have regarding a HBO Go PS4 app though? This app was promised at the start of the year but so far we haven’t seen it – especially frustrating given that Xbox One already has this app for a month.

Obviously we are not expecting to see all of these features with the next update, as we don’t want to get your hopes up when it turns out to be just another stability update.

However, it’s important to keep tabs on the features that are still missing from PS4. With this in mind, give us your thoughts as we wait for the PS4 2.04 firmware update to drop.

What features and apps are you still waiting to see from launch?

UPDATE: Sony has just gone live with the PS4 2.04 update on February 17, 2015. However, there seems to be problems with the download not working – information here.

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  • Crazygamer

    When is the oovoo video Chat coming out to PS4 and when will we get new features in next update 2.05 please comment here if anyone knows when its release out to PS4. thank you.

  • Can a moderator for this website please email me to discuss something? thank you.

  • nescafe

    Is the author of this article aware that not more than few weeks ago Sony signed an agreement with Spotify to get the App on the PS4 and close Music Unlimited?

    • Emanuele Maccherini

      I am sorry to bother you but you seem to know quite a lot about the subject:
      Do you have any idea of when it will be possible to play a normal cd on the PS4?
      I do not use spotify or similar apps because they do not have any of the music I listen to, and I love to use my cds….

    • Nuno Duarte

      The article was written in December…

      • How are we supposed to know that when the date says “updated 17 feb”?

  • JB

    Still all waiting for name changes to be available, I think its worth the risk of greifers ill deal with them with my nice new name

    • Loui2

      It’s not as easy as flipping a switch. They have to change the way the names are stored.

  • cc

    it doesn’t make any sense ps4 does not have xvid/divx/avi playback from external usb devices, which the ps3 already has.

  • Daydream

    Just waiting for the update where you can play PS1,2 and 3 games on the PS4…

  • Franck Thiebaut

    sympa leurs maj qui ne s installe pas erreur a chaque fois ca ne corrige rien et pas de maj pour les casques turtle beack px5 par exemple sympa les mecs

  • Efrain

    Logitech g27 support?

  • Martin Rupprecht

    Spotify will be sponsored music streaming service for PS4 soon.

  • Hellgate5611

    Since DAY ONE im waiting for Bluetooth Headset support!!!

  • jason

    Would be good with more voice commands I.E minimise game and open [say app] promotional stuff. Sales on psplus, more TV players. It and 4od

  • ipot_04

    I just want video playback support, it doesn’t matter if it’s MP4 format only though it would be great if it has MKV support like Xbone does.

  • samidge

    DNLA support.

  • mike

    I’m gonna buy a platform tomorrow but can’t decide between xbox one or ps4. I really wanna be able to put my usb in and watch movies. I know there is alot of talk that sony is gonna do DNLA features but it’s ben a year and a half with no results other than the music patch, but I use bluetooth speakers in my home making this feature not as usful. . I also know xbox has the DLNA ready now to alow me to watch movies with mass storage. I have seen both run and I really want to go ps4 but the DNLA crap is pulling me to xbox one, even tho I know ps4 is a better system.

  • felix mandingo

    I wish it would create a new game, however, has to be infamous for free online and what I have in mind and to create a character that we can choose the powers as lightning another user instead uses the power of ice goal of the game is that the player challenge the other in a meeting between powers the winner takes the power of the other
    example, the player uses the lightning the other ice if he wins the player over to the power of lightning will also have the power of ice and if he wins the other receives the power of lightning, however, can always use the power of ice that remains lost with the power that he chose at the beginning now imagine if the powers were 100 and 100 the aim to get them all then if they make an update and they put another 100 the goal is always the same in this case the powers would be 200.
    maps will be very different and that all users can communicate
    among them of course the users are free to accept the challenge, I also reject the character will level up and increase its power and make sure also not to collide players at levels too high because one that is at level 10 can not beat one level 100 as one of level 1 can not beat one level 100
    what you think of the game? give me a hand to communicate it to the creators of infamous second son and infamous first light

  • felix mandingo

    as an upgrade for ps4 there should be the ability to play the games ps3 both the disc and digital. can play free games on ps3 psn plus, watch videos via usb put new free games, giving users the ability to create your own theme ps4 staff and ensure that other users can see it and download on your ps4, in live from playtation give the ability for users to communicate via microphone to all those who are playing live at that time and then that the games being updated more often.

    • ipot_04

      For the 1st thing you said, that will never happen since PS4 doesn’t have PS3 backward compatibility.
      Sony has PS Now and that’s the only method you can play PS3 games on your PS4.

  • How about fixing the USB headset volume bug? Headies that worked just fine before 2.0 are now almost unusable due to the low volume :/

  • joseph Peterson

    Why won’t the ps4 play ps3 disc’s that needs to be fixed

    • ipot_04

      Already explained years ago.
      PS4 is not backward compatible with PS3 games.
      No matter how much you complain, PS4 will never play PS3 games.

      • Ashton Mcgowen

        It’s not backwards compatible because they didn’t want you playing your old games on the New system. Also why they made PlayStation now, so they could make more money off older games. Same for Bluetooth support, if your PlayStation recognizes it’s not official Sony it won’t allow it to be used, forcing an update to the $100 Sony headphones.

      • crazygamer

        comment about oovoo video chat there no release date does anyone no when its coming in Q2 whats that mean ?

  • Rick James

    fix: nw 31291 6, the internet works on any device just not on this way to expensive PS4 and the stuff the other folks mention

  • Michael Stumbles

    1. DLNA as mentioned
    2. The ability to appear offline or hide what games you are playing
    3. The hibernation we were promised way back in early 2013 when the console was unveiled.
    4. MKV support
    5. The ability to turn the lightbar off completely
    6. A more intuitive UI design of the main OS.
    7. Increase party chat size
    8. The ability to pick more than one output source for audio. E.g USB and HDMI at the same time.

  • Chris

    How about the media player feature we had on the PS3!.. If we buy movies via the store we should be able to download them.. It would not be such an issue but when the network is down you can’t actually play the movies you have paid good money for..

  • Crazygameruk23

    Dear Sony please can you fix the whats new it shows sometimes then it says cannot load i had to switch off console all the time and can you in prove the shareplay please
    add video chat so we can talk in a game and not on a game would be cool to try out
    and please support Music CD’s like the PS3 can please i hope that video chat gets add to the next update. please everyone put the message out that we need video chat would be great and thanks people who put the message out and we hope there add video chat

  • Hassan Shahid

    Fix the error some people get with their elgato’s which removes audio and forces a 480p video resolution.

    • Michael Stumbles

      I found that this always occurs when the PS4 has been left in rest mode rather than turned off completely. A full proper power cycle fixes this every time.

  • Monstahh Gaming

    they need to boost the ps4 recording quality becau
    se it is sooo bad

  • Hello?????

    Is there NO ONE that want to be able to play again on PS4???????????????? It keeps rejecting the disc and keeps rejecting even if there is no disc…

    • Eagle_Dave

      sounds like you have a disc drive problem

      • elMorseman

        Nah, it’s a fairly common thing linked to the way power and eject buttons work and the effects of static electricity

    • elMorseman

      I had this issue, it’s static electricity. You have some options there, I hope they help you:

      A temp fix is to turn off your console (not rest mode) and unplug it for 3 minutes.

      I was using a two pin adapter (eu) on ps4 and it was picking up static from my aluminium MacBook Pro and ejecting.
      I solved it by:

      Putting the PS4 on its side rather than flat (runs cooler too)
      Plugging it into a 3 pin (uk) cable.

      Just make sure that you plug it into a properly earthed (grounded) plug.’

  • skaters342

    have it where it says who just came online when your in a game
    skype and have it active well in game
    custom themes
    media from usb (videos)
    fix the sound issues ppl got after the 2.0 update that some users had
    fix the loading time of the ps store
    fix the 720p 1080p and 1080i (error for some tvs)

  • ThingsIwantToSeeOnPS4

    things I want to see:
    -custom theme(upload your own picture)
    -ability to choose what you want to put in your library
    -a Bein Sports app(for my La Liga needs)

    • ThingsIwantToSeeOnPS4

      oh and also the ability to keep Skype open during gameplay if they add it
      (yes sounds a lot like Xbox one but that’s a pretty damn good feature to have)

  • Oriley

    Fix the heat and Fan problems as ps4 is louder and hotter the ps3

  • AmaterasuXXX

    Please fix CE-34878-0 error crashes!!

  • Spencer Beck


  • Ty

    Please add ability to watch a video/movie from USB drive… Better media playback!!

    • Spencer Beck

      Yes I agree I hate that the ps3 can allow us to use media such as video, pics,music ect to upload to the hard drive but on ps4 we can’t, dlna needs to be on the ps4 (seriously) that should have been on there the release of the ps4

      • Spencer Beck

        Yes I hate that I gotta switch from my ps4 to use my ps3 just to use those features

    • mike

      Ps4 without feature or xbox one with it? Im buying one tomorrow. And I really want this feature.

  • Ben

    Don’t forget them fixing the sound issuses with a lot of tv’s that a lot of gamers are experiencing since the major 2.0 update. Also a fix for 720p, 1080p &, 1080i being supported again on certain tv models

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    facebook app, dlna support, storing media on device, folders or option to customize homescreen and background pictures with custom images. and also ability to play physical/digital ps1 and 2 games PLEASE. The PS4 is nice but these would make it 100x better.

  • Savior

    Fix CE-35918-6

  • wilson


  • Ps4gamerforlife

    Pls FIX!!!!!! the sound on razer kraken chroma usb headset its so low so i can´t hear anything the only usb headset that work is sony gold why destroy it have offerd 100 dollars for the headset and it doesnt work good! fix a patch for the sound

    • Brothers4

      I have the same problem. I just bought then yesterday and am now debating whether i should take them back or not!

  • Dustin Tricker D Williams

    Every since the 2.02 update my ps4 will not work online. every game i play lags so bad I cant play it. all games do. (my ps3 plays fine no lag) its not my internet at all. it started the day the 2.02 was installed. once the 2.03 was installed it still was messed up. i cant even send a message with out it messing up. again played fine till 2.02 was forced on my ps4…i have even done system restore, but it didnt fix it. as the up dates (2.02 and 2.03) was not erased. I think when they was being installed they didnt load it right. now i cant use my 400 dollar system online. this is been going on for weeks now more like a month. SONY fix this!

  • gabriel

    please fix ce 33987-0 error

  • NgTurbo

    Some great ideas there guys. Just seen a video confirmation that Online Friends Notifications is ready.. let’s hope it comes in PS4 2.04.

  • Darkradiance

    For the love of God, folders please! Or at least some type of organization for those of us with larger libraries instead of just hiding most of the icons in “Library” which is just one big list like it was before the 2.0 update.

    • PS4 and X1

      Thank you, I totally agree. And Suspend/Resume would be nice too.

  • Cash Up

    Do two things at one time would b good and face book

  • K mart

    Dnla is a must… but how bout a dedicated Facebook app…. or how bout giving us out video chat back…. or maybe letting me store a movie or two on my hard drive???? Just a thought…

  • justerthought

    Just speed up the text messaging. It is starting to get annoying. 3 minutes to send or receive a three word text message is ridiculous. The PS3 can send and receive immediately. Quite often the message gets a timeout so you resend and end up sending it twice. There’s double traffic right there making matters even worse.

  • AverageGamer

    fix ce 34878-0 error, that corrupts saved data

  • wickedproxy

    avi, wmv, mp3, mp4 support. (should have came out of the box with these. I can’t believe after all this time I still can’t play a darn cd.) Being able to put the videos I have made on my PS Vita on my PS4 so I can “share” them.

    • Dom_Ratte

      Lol the ps4 only has a blue laser only so you can only play blu rays if anything music cd and ps1 ps2 games are out of question. Even ps3 ganes since there coded for technically linux ps4 is x86 based like a desktop computer loaded with windows… Ps4 needs media playback actually the ps4 is the only console that included less features as the previous consoles. Id like to see more games @60fps. I would also like to see cross platform play between pc and ps4.

      • wickedproxy

        It can play DVDs witch requires the red laser last time I checked.

  • Shane Campuzano

    Definitely a DishApp, HBOGO, wmv, MP4, MP3, notification of Friends hopping on and hopping off PSNetwork, notification of Friend activity/actions, and last but most importantly that I can be able to link my Damn Ultraviolet Account to my “F”ing PSN Account!!!! 😃

  • 02sscamaro

    avi, wmv, mp4 etc support, dlna, a notification when my friends sign on,

  • Conor McDermott

    4k UHD 2160p Blu ray playback

  • Aaron Schnelle

    Dish app for ps4