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PS4 2.04 update wishlist for next firmware

It’s fair to say that we are due some new PS4 features with the upcoming PS4 2.04 update. We say this as the last few updates have been stability patches, offering no new functionality for users since the major 2.0 firmware that offered the amazing SharePlay feature.

We always like to talk about what features we would like to see in the next PS4 update, but we have a feeling that the next update may be another stability patch before PS4 2.05 is out with some actual new features to play around with.

Sony won’t be short on ideas though when it comes to actually deciding what to add to PS4 next. There’s still a number of semi-major features that have yet to arrive, the most obvious of which is DLNA support and better support for third-party headsets from makers such as Turtle Beach.


It would also be nice to see a lot more third-party app support on the PS4. Spotify would be amazing on the PS4, but the odds on that happening are probably very slim considering that Sony has Music Unlimited to plug.

What excuse do they have regarding a HBO Go PS4 app though? This app was promised at the start of the year but so far we haven’t seen it – especially frustrating given that Xbox One already has this app for a month.

Obviously we are not expecting to see all of these features with the next update, as we don’t want to get your hopes up when it turns out to be just another stability update.

However, it’s important to keep tabs on the features that are still missing from PS4. With this in mind, give us your thoughts as we wait for the PS4 2.04 firmware update to drop.

What features and apps are you still waiting to see from launch?

UPDATE: Sony has just gone live with the PS4 2.04 update on February 17, 2015. However, there seems to be problems with the download not working – information here.



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