Next GTA V update version claims with 1.19 Vs 1.20

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 23, 2014

There seems to be a little confusion over the next Grand Theft Auto V update version number, as it seems a few gamers are claiming they already have patch 1.19. From our own internal checks, it’s clear the PS3 console is currently on GTA V update 1.18 and version 1.19 will be the next patch, but there’s players claiming they already have this version number.

UPDATE: The latest updates are now live and the patch notes can be seen for PS4 1.06 right here, which should be the same for 1.20 PS3 as well.

In fact, we have seen screenshots uploaded to Twitter trying to prove the GTA V 1.20 update will be next thanks to a select few claiming to have version 1.19. You can see one such screenshot below, although make of it what you will considering this cannot be verified.

What version of GTA V are you running and is it 1.18 like us, or are you seeing something different? It’s worth noting that the previous update for Xbox 360 and PS3 players fixed a vehicle player data issue, and it released in the second half of November.


GTA V Online lobby always empty – we have seen a growing number of tweets pointing to the GTA Online lobbies being always empty, which in most cases seems to be for PS4 and Xbox One players. This might be a problem that needs fixing with the GTA V 1.05 patch for new consoles, although leave a comment if you have experienced issues connecting with many players in matchmaking.

Gamers have even complained of solo lobbies for hours at a time, again we’d love to hear from anyone impacted by issues like this. It’s good to remember that lobbies cannot remain almost empty if GTA Online Heists launches, as this won’t work.

Do you have a wishlist for the next GTA V update and if so, what needs fixing in your opinion?


Update: For those of you confused over the update file on PS4, it is version 1.04 currently as seen in the update history screenshot above for the PS4 system when right clicking the GTA V icon.

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  • Vincent Jonas Laguna

    when i update gta 5 in my ps3 it says version 1.20 and i cant download it,it says An error……..

  • How come when i updated the game it says 1.20 ?


    1.19 is on next gen consoles while 1.18 is on current gen consoles. Sorry if this has already been established but I thought I’d throw it out there.

    • Rob

      You are incorrect, PS4 has 1.04 and 1.05 is the next update for PS4.

    • Cory_Smith

      Wrong on the next gen version.

  • kay

    I hope you guys all know that current gen & next gen don’t carry the same version numbers. It’s most likely a simple confusion of scenarios.

  • zak

    So I Haven’t Been On My Ps3 For Around 4 Days So If There Has Been An Update Then It Would Be 1.19 For Me. But As Far As I Know We Are Still On 1.18 Which Didn’t Have Anything In it.

  • YoUkNoWmYnAmE LDF

    On my ps4 it 1.20

  • kyle

    Ps3 & Xbox 360 patch 1.19
    Ps4 and Xbox one patch 1.20


      ps3 is 1.18 1.19 will be heists;) 1.19 its fake noone have it if they really have they are glitched;)

      • Eddie L. Rosado

        What is wrong with you?


      so stop writing such bullshits u idiot scum u dont have gta 5 cause u cant afford it kid if 1.19 would be out there would be info on rockstar website fool

  • kaygrego

    I want to be able to blacklist jobs I’ve played and not enjoyed.

  • ezequiel

    My ps4 works perfect on everything I have no complaints

  • josh

    Running 1.18 on my PS3

  • S1ackman5

    Fix the online lobbies on Xbox one please! And allow us to buy better properties the houses you have for sale on GTA v online suck.

    • fred

      No one here can help you, this site isn’t connected with rockstar. it’s a review site that talks about many games.

      • Ben

        While I agree with what you said, the article asked what people wanted to see in the update, so this guy answered.

  • Internet Person

    My ps4 is the dmz host, always find server with 22+ players.

  • Ken Gutkowski

    I bought the PS4 GTA5 bundle on Black Friday. I have not yet been able to connect to the online portion of the game. I even connected my PS4 directly to the modem with an ethernet cable as Rockstar suggested. No luck. It’s appalling that Rockstar blames everyone’s routers for the connection issues. I went back online with my PS3 and immediately got into a lobby with my PS3 version of GTA5. Sad!

    • elgringo3608

      I forwarded my ports and then GTA Online was fine.

      So it WAS the modem.

      PS3 and PS4 will interact differently with the same modem.

      • Ken Gutkowski

        Thanks I’ll figure out which ports I need to forward. It’s gonna suck for my two boys PS4’s though.

        • elgringo3608

          Try Port Forward .com

          That is where I got my info.

        • Minymina

          Sucks that we even have to do this. It should work outside the box based on the default settings that everyone’s router is based on.

  • DarazsProductions

    Mine is 1.18 from the patch update from November I have a xXbox360 slim

    • DarazsProductions

      How does everyone have 1.19 for like Xbox360 and I don’t?

  • Jordan

    Mine says 1.20

  • Seth

    I’ve been getting an empty lobby on 360, but only when I launch live from the loading screen. If I start in story, then switch over to online, the lobby is full. When I get an empty lobby, I either join a new session or just do a race solo, and I’m back in the action after.

  • Jim

    I think it will be very cool not just adding animals for hunting , we want horses too. And the fishing part is very nice too. Personally i want a warship carrier with armed helicopters, cargobobs, tanks, jets, and why not a new war amphibian vehicle, and more acces to haouses and buildings.

    Oberservation Rockstar has to work on the quadbike gameplay because is not even close.

  • Richard Carlisle

    On Xbox one, the Lobbies are usually packed (for me at least). However, the death matches and races are always so hard to fill. One time I waited a good 30 to 45 minutes to start a legit death match I had created and I only got about 10 people on board. Afterwards, I started the match and got the “disconnected due to unknown network error”. Needless to say it was VERY frustrating and a waste of time lol. I just hope the next patch fixes it a little better. It’s still fairly easy to get a full 4-8 person Lobby on contact missions and survivals, but I’d really like to play a 30 person death match as promised by R*. Other than that, it’s a good game and my XB-One handles it rather nicely when there is no connection issues afoot.

    • Why would anybody wait 30-45 minutes to start a death match?

      • Richard Carlisle

        The only reason I waited this long is because I spent a lot of time and effort in the content creator to build a pretty decent DM map. I really wanted to play it with real people (not bots), so I waited. (I still haven’t played it since in fear of wasting an hour of my life again lol)

  • Charlie

    Need some low rider trucks

  • I have version 1.20 on my Xbox One.

  • Hatton101

    Im on PS3 and running 1.19 it came in as quite a small bug fixing update… no new content (from what I can see) was added during it

    • tazzer007

      Same here 1.19 on my ps3, and only a few Mb (40 or something). No information found about the update, seems like nothing new was added

  • phippski

    On ps4 we often get the empty lobby issue. Sometimes a full lobby will empty leaving just me. Lots of issues trying to join friends. Would be nice if all vehicles drive out of the garage at owned property,often will just spawn around the corner.

  • Colin Olsen

    I really want a small little notification above the map that shows who currently is talking, something like they do in Call of Duty. It would be really helpful to know who talks and who they are.

  • Dan D

    Wishlist: Xbox one to have online full of players, matchmaking to fill quickly and no more being kicked out of servers.,. Please

  • radikalervollidiot

    1.20 on ps4

    • DarkenedxGospel


  • Gtagamer

    On the xbox 360 i run on patch 1.19,my One runs on patch 1.20.I’m confused too,time for Rockstar to share some information about what’s coming…like they have promised but did not delivered yet.Although there were conection issues on xbox 360 and One due to the d-dos attack on the Microsoft servers by lizard farts,One is almost working perfect for me.Yesterday it was the first time i played in a lobby with 30 players…that was good fun (y).Still needs some work and a patch to fix some other issues,but i hope RS is gonna release the long promised Heist dlc for all platforms.

  • Tommy

    I am running 1.20. I had 1.19 since launch night and thought that is what I was running but apparently I have 1.20.

  • Lewis

    I am fed up with empty lobbies on the PS4, this needs fixing in the next update.

  • tony

    My last download was on Nov 18th, and the update history reveals version 1.18 on ps3.

  • Billy

    Strange, I also have online version 1.19.

  • Nathan

    I am running version 1.18 on my PS3, next up is 1.19.